Archivist: Bob Corbett

Current home of archives: Bob Corbett's home, at 1419 Tamm Ave.

Brief background: Once I began to work on Dogtown history in about 1994, I started collecting various archives: photos, documents, objects -- anything I could find that was Dogtown related.

Once the Dogtown Historical Society was founded in 2002 things picked up. More people became aware of the DHS and our archives, and people began to donate material, to watch for newspaper stories which they would clip, pass on photos and papers, even family histories and much more.

At this time (Feb. 2010) I have been working very hard to give the archives a serious order and presentable form to be seen and used. There are several thousand pieces and bits of information. I would guess that by June 2010 I should be about ready to have an "open house" to encourage many to come and see what the archives are, and to discover how ready material is to be used to create more organized history. I am hoping this will encourage more folks to begin to do the work of compiling this archival data into more usable historical form.

PLEASE be aware than any material, print or otherwise, which is Dogtown related would be of great interest to the DHS and would help the Dogtown archives grow.

Feb. 2010
Bob Corbett
DHS archivist


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Bob Corbett