This is a marvelous historically important photo taken from the roof of Lehman Hardware store. Let's take in the whole: I believe, as various close ups will show, this is what was then called the Parkhurst Subdivision and the building, which is still there today in 2002, was the realty office of the developer, the Watson Arsenel Realty Co. That part of the building is today Chuy's Restaurant. The middle portion, which is now part Chuy's and part the laundromat, seems at this time to still be vacant and for rent. On the corner is Velvet Freeze and a large Ice Cream sign as tall as the building.

My brother, John, tells me the cars pictured are no older than about 1934.

Further John checked the address on that first house on Art Hill Place, it is 1123 Art Hill Place.

Also note that nothing has been built on the east side of Art Hill and nothing on the west side of Tamm Ave. all the way to Berthold, but older buildings are below Berthold.

From various other reports from eye witnesses in this period, there was a mine entrance somewhere behind this main building and close to the Tamm Ave. side.

Moving on, I have made some close-ups of pieces of the photo.

This second shot just gives us a better look at the building itself and the vacantness of the Tamm/Art Hill block.

This next shot just focuses in on the realty office itself.

Here we just focus in on the Velvet Freeze and the large ice cream sign on the corner.

Lastly I call attention to what appears to be houses being built. As we look over to Childress Ave. there are homes built on both sides of the street. But, on the west side of the next street there are two story houses being built. There definitely aren't on Childress, since the homes there are single story. But, on the next block, Sanford, there are two-story town houses, so those seem to be the builds which are in process.


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Bob Corbett