new photo donated April 2013 Left: A huge thanks from the Dogtown Historical Society to Nancy and Joe Phelan for sharing this photo.

Their note said that they believed the photo to be the building on the S/W Corner of Tamm and West Park, originally 6400 Cheltenham Road.

Per Nancy and Joe, their great grandparents, the Dudecks, ran a grocery store at this location around the turn of the century.

John Corbett, DHS President, first wrote:

As soon as the photo arrived, I hustled up that half of a block to check out the building and all the changes from its original appearance. There are many changes, even though it is now 2 stories, it is still recognizable.

The building across the street (The Gold Room building) is almost the same type structure as the photo.

As I studied the changes I tried to read the print on the windows with little success. My daughter Jean walked by and I showed her the picture, She read ALL the text to me (Oh, to have those young eyes again!)

On the door it reads: "CONE SOUVENIRS" (perhaps a 1904 Worlds Fair souvenir reference?).

On the big window facing north it reads: "Fre DUDECK" and below that the word "GROCER" .

On the big window facing the east it reads: "Expresso Beans" and below that "Mocha Java" .

One of the advertisements on the east side of the building looks like a can of shoe polish and reads: "ENAMELITE STOVE POLISH". I found the same ad on E-Bay and it stated that Enamelite stove polish was sold around the turn of the century.

Stop by the building sometime and see the differences. Study the photo and try to date it. Be a history detective for a day!

Note: The 1910 U. S. Census lists a Frederick R Dudeck, age 44, born in Germany, living at 6416 West Park, St. Louis, Ward 24, MO - with wife Katy (age 40) and daughters Lulu (age 16) and Alice, (age 6)

Note: The information gathered about the photo above has not proven that the building was located at Tamm and West Park in Dogtown. It is more likely the Dudeck Grocery when it was located at 1816 N. Jefferson, St. Louis, Missouri as listed in the 1897 St. Louis City Directory.

6400 WEST PARK - APRIL 2013

new photo donated April 2013

Left: A current photo of The building at West Park and Tamm Avenues.

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6401 WEST PARK - APRIL 2013

new photo donated April 2013

Left: Current photo of the building at West Park and Tamm Avenues.

Note: This building is a mirror image of the building on the southwest corner.

The property is listed as a multiple family, 3 baths, 2852 sq ft, on a 2760 lot, built in 1908.

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