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Got a surprise: Found a map in City Hall Recorder of Deeds. Found a map on microfilm of the breakdown of: Gratiot League Square, and Charles Gratiot’s Heirs. It was like hitting a goldmine. This also included the tract called “Prairie Des Noyers”, which he Charles had trouble settling a debt on. Also the angled lines that I think were part of old common grounds. This is also where I think the Sublette Race Tract was. Pardon the brown coffee stain. Does give it a little class.


Gratiot Inheritance Record Record of the Charles Gratiot Family Property & Inheritance


1927.2Ft. wide N/S, The full 3Mi.E/W Strip on a line with Valley Road, (Dale) on the north, and Glades and Phare (SHAW) on the south.


1131.9Ft.wide N/S, The full 3MI.E/W strip on a line with Wise on the North, and Valley Road (Dale) on the South.


1131.9Ft.wide N/S, The full 3Mi.E/W strip on a line with the south edge of Forest Park (Oakland) on the North, and Wise on the South.


1131.9FT.wide N/S, The full 3Mi.E/W strip (Part of Forest Park) with Oakland on the south


1131.9Ft.wide N/S, The full 3Mi.E/W strip (Part of Forest Park), North of Chouteaus.


1131.9Ft.wide N/S, The full 3Mi.E/W STRIP (PART OF FOREST PARK), North of DeMuns.


1254 Ft.wide N/S, The full 3Mi.E/W Strip on a line with Glades and Phare (Shaw) on the North, and Bernard (Bischoff) on the South.


1362.9 Ft.N/S, 386 Acres. The full 3Mi. On the North Bischoff, and on the South Arsenal.This is where it gets messy. Plot broken up by James Berry’s Acres bought in 1813. North Line, Bischoff. South Line, Columbia. Berry’s plot was right in the middle.(60 chains wide)E/W. SUTTON OWNED 83 acres on the west side of Berry. Sutton also had 334 acres south of that. There are 125 acres with no name south of Sutton. Lindell was the next owner of that. Then a large plat of 1361 acres south of Macklot. That finally became Laclede Christy. This property went from Columbia on the North. south to Pernod, with Kingshighway on the east.Tamm on the west.


1914 Ft.wide N/S, The full 3 MI.E/W Strip on a line with Pernod on the North AND Chippewa on the South.(Sur.2035). This may solve the problem of “Gratiot League Square” being square

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Charles and Victoire had thirteen children, nine of whom grew to maturity, married and left families. They were:

·         Julie Born 24, July 1782.  Married to Jean Pierre Cabanne 8 Apr. 1799.

·         Victoire Born Mar.25, 1785.  Married to Sylvestre Labbadie Aug.16, 1806.

·         Charles Born Aug.29, 1786.  Married to Ann Belin of Philadelphia Apr.22, 1819.

·         Marie Therese Born Feb.20, 1788.  Married to John Nicholas Macklot Aug.16, 1806.

·         Henry Born Apr.25, 1789.  Married to Susan Hempstead of Connecticut Jan.21, 1813.

·         Emily Anne Born Oct.5, 1793.  Married to Peter Chouteau Jr. June 15, 1813.

·         Louise Isabella Born Oct.15, 1796.  Married to Jules DeMun May 31, 1812.

·         Marie Brigitte Born Jan.6, 1798.  Died Sept.7, 1803 at 5yrs.

·         John (Jean) Pierre “Bunyon” Born Feb.1799. Married to Marie Antoinette Adel Perdreauville from Paris    Nov.18, 1819.

·         Paul Benjamin “Messellier” Born Mar.13, 1800. Married to Virginia Billon June 6, 1825.

·         Three Infants died young in 1801, 1803, and 1804.



Julie was the oldest of the Gratiot children, Born 24, July 1782 in St. Louis, and christened in the Old Cathedral. She married Jean (John) Pierre Cabanne on 8,Apr 1799 in St. Louis. Julie died 14 Apr. 1852.

Jean Pierre Cabanne was born 18 Oct. 1773 in Pau En Bearn,France. He died 27, June 1841 St. Louis. His parents were Jean Cabanne and Jeanne Dutilhe.

They lived in town some 20 years while Jean Pierre was engaged in merchandising. When Charles Sr. died, 1819-20, they moved onto their inheritance and built a brick residence on the eastern edge of the tract.(# 3052?).Jean Pierre wanted to put his whole attention to the Fur Business, which would require him to be away for long periods of time. They had eight children, the oldest not yet being fifteen.

This home became known as the old “Cabanne Mansion”, the first brick house built in the country outside the old town, consequently made with “Pioneer Brick”. It was known to almost the whole population of the county far and wide. With its quaint old wind mill and out houses, could be seen from a long distance in all directions except the west, where the primeval forest hid it from view.

Occupied by that family, father and son, for near half a century, and noted for their hospitality and generous mode of living, had been the scene of many a gay and joyous occasion. Its location was on the west side of Kingshighway, just opposite the west end of a proposed new wide road from Vandeventer to Forest Park which was to be called Forest Park Boulevard. It lay about half way between Laclede and the little angle of the park at what is now Barnes Hospital.

They resided in this home for some twelve or fifteen years until 1833, when they built a city residence at No.28 Vine Street, in which Jean Pierre died at about the age of 68 years. The home stayed in the family for near half a century from Father to Son. Their children, John Charles, Francis, and possibly one other (L.B.?)show on my oldest map as located on Kingshighway, just north of the old tract.

By the 1850’s, one third of Julies inheritance was in the hands of Alban H.Glasby, from Kingshighway west. (Included the house?). This, later must have reverted back to the Park.

The children of Julie Gratiot and Jean Pierre Cabanne were:

Gregoire Baptiste Cabanne Born 18, Feb.1800 St. Louis.

Jeanne Victoire Adele Cabanne. Born16, Nov.1803.

John Charles Cabanne Born 4, Nov.1806.

Child Cabanne B&D 19, Sept.1807 St. Louis.

Augustus Eneas Cabanne Born 28, Mar.1808 St. Louis.

Julie Antoinette Cabanne Born 18, July 1809 St. Louis.

Louisa Cabanne Born 12, Aug.1811 St. Louis.

Jule Victor Cabanne Born 18, Oct.1812.

Lucien Dutilhe Cabanne Born 28, July 1814 St. Louis.

Francois Cabanne Born 1, Jan.1816.

Daughter Cabanne B&D 7, Mar.1817 St. Louis.

Louis Antoine “Julius” Cabanne. Born 28, Feb.1818 St. Louis

Isabelle Cabanne Born 1820, Died 29,Aug.1824 St. Louis.



Second daughter of Charles Sr. and Victoire.Born 25,Mar.1785. Christened in Old Cathedral.(St.L.King Fr.St.L)  Died 5,May 1860.

She married Sylvestre Labbadie on JUNE 1807 IN St. Louis Old Cathedral.

He was born 19,Feb.1779 in St. Louis, Died 19,July 1794 in St. Louis

His Parents were Sylvestre Labbadie B. Abt.1756,and Marie Pelagie Chouteau B. 6,Oct.1760.

Marie Pelagie was the daughter of Pierre DeLaclede and Marie Therese Bourgeous.

The children of Victoire Gratiot and Sylvestre Labbadie were: Marie Ann L.Born.9,Nov.1808, Virginia, Benjamin, Son Labbadie, and Pelagie

Of course, this needs more. Reminds me of the Labbadie Plant.

Victoire’s Inheritance, by 1850 belonged to Peter Lindell, Bartholomew Berthold, Pierre Chouteau, and H.H.Cohen.

The children count has a glitch. Only one supposedly survived childhood out of three. There are four here. Now Five SEE THIRD GENERATION




The oldest of four sons, Charles Gratiot Jr. was born Aug.29,1786 in St. Louis, and Christened in St. Louis King Fr. St. Louis. Charles married Ann Belin on 22,Apr.1819. She was born in 1799, and died in St. Louis 26,Dec.1886, aged 87years.

He Died 16,May 1868 in Washington City.

He was appointed to the Military Academy at West Point, from which he graduated in 1806, and was assigned to the Corps of Engineers as Second Lieutenant in Oct,1806. Promoted to Captain in 1808. To Major Feb,1815. To Lieutenant Colonel in March,1819. To Colonel and Engineer in Chief in May,1828.

He served throughout the war of 1812-1815. On the western frontier, he built Fort Gratiot at the foot of Lake Huron in Michigan. He planned and superintended the erection of Fortress Monroe, where he was stationed many years. This was at old Point Comfort on the Chesapeake Bay. This Fortress stands today (1884), as the most extensive and important fortification on the American Continent. It remains as an enduring monument to the skill and scientific accomplishments of Gen. Charles Gratiot. He was retired from the Army in 1838.(This was written in 1884).(Also remember something about irregular activity about the building one of these forts. Can’t remember where I read that).

Michigan named one of its large and important counties after him.(Gratiot County).

The Children of Charles Gratiot and Ann Berlin were: Two daughters Mary Victoria, Born 17,Feb.1820. She married C.F.F. DeMontholon from France, 1,Nov.1837, and Julia Augusta, Born 24,Sept.1824. She married Charles P.Chouteau of St. Louis 27,Nov. 1845. SEE THIRD GENERATION

By the 1850’s the owners of Charles Juniors inheritance were: William Christy,Thomas Hume, Armstrong, Thrusten Polk, S.T.Kusler, Sarpy& Chouteau, James Meagher, Rideway, & Charles Rannels.



She was born 20,Feb.1788 in St. Louis and Christened at St. Louis King France,St. Louis, and died 26,Feb.1815 in St.Genevieve,Mo.

She married John Nicholas Macklot 16,Aug.1806.

He was born 18,June 1767 in the city of Metz, Loraine, France. He was the son of John Maclot DeColigny and Anne Marguerite Francoise Joly DeMorney. When a young man about of age, he came to Paris during the troublesome times preceding the breakout of the revolution. He soon found himself one of the hundreds that were almost daily incarcerated in the Bastile for their political views and sentiments.

After a brief imprisonment he obtained his release and immediately left France and crossed over to London. Here having been always fond of jewelry, he learned the business as a means of support, and worked at it for some years. He then crossed the ocean to the United States and spent some years in Philadelphia.

In the year 1804 he came to St. Louis with a stock of goods and embarked in Mercantile business, then married Marie Therese.

Early in the year 1809, after the town of Herculaneum had been laid out by Austin and Bates, and had gotten a start, Maclot erected a tower for the manufacture of patent shot and bar lead. This was on the high cliff at the south end of the village, and thirty two miles below St. Louis in Jefferson County. The first shot works in Missouri? Need Pg.178.

The Children of Marie Therese Gratiot and John Nicholas Macklot were: Julie (Julia), Emilie, Virginia and Elizabeth. SEE THIRD GENERATION.

By 1830, I’m sure William Sublette owned half Maries inheritance as part of his Sulphur Springs Resort. And sometime after her death, James Berry Jr. bought a large section. This went to McCausland. Later B.F.Buchanan owned it. Then on the western end C.S.Rannels in the 1850s, and James Sutton in the 1860s.



The second son, Henry was born in St. Louis, Apr.25,1789. He Died 27,Apr.1836 in Barnum’s Hotel in Baltimore, Md.

He married Susan Hempstead in St. Louis Jan.21,1813. At the Old Cathedral.

Susan Hempstead was born in Hebron, Connecticut Feb.20,1797, and died 3,June 1854. She was the youngest daughter of Captain Stephen Hempstead Sr. and Mary Lewis. (Next, Per Biographical Sketch)(Another source states Born and Married in New London Connecticut).

When a young man, Henry built (Or Rebuilt) a house and improved a farm on his fathers “Gratiot League Square” on the King’s Highway, five miles from Town where he lived for some years, previous and after his marriage. I have a picture of their home. He either lived in the old country home, or rebuilt it in 1810.

By 1825, being a young man with a wife and five children, and hating slavery so much, he determined not to live in or bring up his children in a slave state. That year he and his brother John Pierre joined the rush and departed for the lead mines at Fevre River.

In 1826 he brought his family there. The Winnebago Indians had originally found the lead ore, and tried to keep it a secret from the whites, but one told Henry about it. To keep the spirits appeased, he would not say where but shot an arrow to the spot and said that was where the secret lay, or in so many words. (This may be a fable, who knows?). The other Winnebago’s chased Henry off, but the Gratiots had a friend in a Half Breed woman named Catherine Myott who helped them negotiate with the Indians to mine the ore.

They were very successful and moved to a beautiful spot which became “Gratiots Grove”. They had nine furnaces, and everyone from miles around brought their ore to be smelted. The grove became a settlement of 1500. It was a lovely town considered then to be in Illinois, fifteen miles from Galena, 20 miles east of the Mississippi River. It was a bustling, happy place until the Black Hawk War of 1832.

Somehow the Indians fully trusted Henry, especially the Winnebago who claimed all southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois as theirs. After the war Col.Henry Gratiot obtained an unbounded control and influence over the Indians.(He became an Indian-Agent).

Col.Gratiot was called to Washington and received great honor, but while there he contracted a sudden and severe cold. He left for home before he was really ready to travel. By the time he reached Baltimore he was worse. He died in the Barnum’s Hotel Apr.27,1836, at the age of 47.(From the book “Henry Gratiot, A Pioneer of Wisconsin”). An address on the occasion of the presentation of his portrait to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. By E.B. Washburne of Illinois. (Not sure of info being in this book)Wish I had kept better tract of the books I read. Some of this info was from a Biographical Sketch.

The children of Henry Gratiot and Susan Hempstead were: Charles Hempstead, Edward Hempstead, Susan Victoire, Mary, Henry, Adele, William Hempstead, Stephen Hempstead, and Eliza Hempstead. SEE THIRD GENERATION.

By the 1830s Henrys inheritance from Kingshighway to Tamm owned by William Sublette, and from Tamm to the City Limits, possibly the Glades Tract (Glades Family).and later in the 1850s by R.D.Watson from Tamm to the City Limits or McCausland, then James McCausland to Big Bend. Henry also had donated ground for St.James Church. Need to find this item again to pinpoint area.



The fourth daughter of Charles and Victoria Emilie Anne Born 25,Oct.1793 Died24,Aug.1862.

She married Pierre Cadette Chouteau 15,June 1813.

Pierre was born 19,Jan. 1865 He died 06,Oct.1865 or Sept.

The children of Emilie Ann Gratiot and Pierre Cadette Chouteau were:  Emille, Julia, Pierre Charles, Charles Pierre, and Benjamin Wilson.

Pierre’s parents were Jean Pierre Liquest Chouteau and  Pelagie Kiesereau.

It seems Emilies inheritance stayed in the family into the 1850’s, and possibly until the city bought it for the park. The boundaries were completely in the park with Oakland on the southern border. The property was listed on my old map as belonging to Pierre Chouteau.



The fifth daughter of Charles and Victoria Gratiot. She was born 15,Oct.1796 in St. Louis and died 13,July 1878 in St. Louis.

She married Jules Rene DeMun on 31,Mar.1812 in St.L.

Jules was born 25,Apr.1782 in the Caribbean,Dominican Republic and died 10,Aug.1843

Jules went on a trading expedition in 1816 to Santa Fe and Chihuahua where they were robbed of their goods and imprisoned for two years, when by the demand of the U.S. They were released in 1818. By 1819 Jules had charge of John Mullamphy’s store in St. Louis. Then in 1820 with his wife and three girls, went to Cuba where he cultivated coffee for ten years. They returned to the U.S. in Jan.1831.

They had five daughters: Isabella, Julia, Louisa, Emilie, and Clare.(SEE THIRD GENERATION)

Isabell’s Inheritance lay in Forest Park, and seemed to stay in the family, at least until the 1850’s. And possibly until the 1870’s when sold to the city.





The third son of Charles Gratiot Sr. Born 19,Feb.1799 St. Louis and Christened in St.L.King Fr. St.L. (Per Carl Pfountz-“St. Louis King of France Parish in St. Louis”- Old Cathedral).

Died 7,Apr.1871 in St. Louis.(Another source puts the year at 1876 Think Wrong).

He completed his education at the College at Bardstown, Ky in 1818.

On 18,Nov.1819 he married (Change) Adele Marie Antoinette DePerdreauville, a young lady from Paris whose parents had left France after the abdication of Napoleon, succeding the battle of Waterloo.(See Below)

Adele Marie Antionette DePerdreauville Born 25,Oct.1802 in LaMeillerais,Normandie Province,France. Died 4,Sept.1873 in Washington,Arkansas.

Her parents were Rene E. David DePerdreauville and Marie Victoire Adele LeMasurier. Her Grand Mother, “Marie Antonette”,(Queen of France) born Nov.2,1775. She died at the Guilliteen in Oct.16,1793. Her children were taken away.(Found this on the Internet).

Also: Per Webster’s Dictionary.

“Marie Antonette” was the wife King Louis the XVI; Queen of France (1774-92): Daughter of Maria Theresa: 1717-80; Archduchess of Austria: Wife of Francis I (1708-65, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire: Dowager Empress 1765-80: Queen of Bohemia and Hungary: 1740-80: Mother of Marie Antoinette.

This may be why Charles named the road “Kings Highway”, After King Louis XVI. Also gives us a little touch of class. (MAY NOT). This was a bad time for France, Also why Charles’ Family left France. The King and Queen, both were beheaded. Need to check the history books again.

In 1825, John Pierre went with his brother Henry to the lead mines near Galena, Illinois where he was engaged in smelting lead mineral for a number of years.

About the year_____, he came back to St. Louis, removed to Washington County and settled on a farm, and representing that county in the State Legislature in ______.

John Pierre and Marie Antoinette had a large family of five sons and four daughters. They were: John Rene, Alexander, Stephanie Pauline, Nanette, Theodore, Adolphe, Marie Victoria, Anthony William. SEE THIRD GENERATION

By 1830, his inheritance from Kingshighway to Tamm belonged to William Sublette. Then in the 1850’s,From Tamm to McCausland, by James Prather, then from there to Big Bend by John Pierre himself.



He was the fourth son of Charles Gratiot Sr. B. Mar.13,1800 St. Louis. Chr. “Old Cathedral”

He Died 30,Aug.1855 in St. Louis at age 55Yrs.

He married Virginia Jeanne Billon 6,June 1825 in St. Louis King Fr.St. Louis.

She was Born 19,May 1805 in Philadelphia Pa.  Died 29,Nov.1871 at 66Yrs.

Paul Benjamin returned from college at Bardstown, Kentucky with his brother John in 1818. He was employed as a clerk in the house of Berthold & Chouteau for some years. In 1823 he entered into an engagement with the American Fur Co. to act as a clerk of the company in the fur trade of the upper Missouri. (Another note stated 1829 to 1830 in Michigan territory, he was a member of the firm of Gratiot and Terry, doing business at Diamond Grove, Iowa County.

On the expiration of his engagement with the fur company, he removed with his family to Gratiot Grove, where his brothers Henry and John were smelting lead, and engaged in mining for a few years. In 1832 he returned to St. Louis, and removed out to his farm. This was his part of Gratiot League Square, five miles out from the city, and now called Cheltenham. He lived here the balance of his life.

This may account for the time span of 1832/1838. They lived in a log cabin, then the mansion later if I remember right.

The Gratiot “Mansion” was built by Paul Benjamin 1838-40 at the location of 6135 Victoria on ten acres fronting on Cheltenham Ave.(West Park) to a line which would now be Berthold with Centre Rd.(Graham) on the west and Billon(Hampton ) on the east. He moved onto his inheritance in 1832 where he lived until the house was built. This property was still in the family until 1937.(Per Mrs. Bertha Gratiot Blythe)

In 1851 to 1853 he was one of the Judges of the County Court.

The Children of Paul Benjamin Gratiot and Virginia Jeanne Billon were: Charles Billon, Henry Terry, Victoria Sophia, John Sarpy, Isabelle Emilie, Paul Adolph. SEE THIRD GENERATION.


NOTE: By 1830, I believe William Sublette owned at least to Sublette. This is hard to explain. My old map shows Pierre Chouteau owning from Kingshighway to Tamm in the 1850’s, and Henry Gratiot with a small plot west of Tamm. Then Paul M Gratiot from there to Big Bend.

According to my 1878 map, the mansion was from Hampton to Centre Rd. and West Park to Wise, so it would be in the area of Pierre Chouteau’s land of the 1850s. So the old map must be wrong, since Paul Benjamin died in 1855, and Virginia died in 1871.

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Julie Gratiot and Jean Pierre Cabanne’s Children and Grandchildren

Parents Pierre and Therese Child: “Simon” Christened 8,Aug.1829 (Colored).

“Gregoire Baptiste Cabanne” Born 18,Feb.1800  Chr.22,Feb.1801  Died 3,Nov.1803.

“Jeanne Victoire Adele Cabanne” Born 16,Nov.1803 in St. Louis. She married Jean Berald Sarpy on 14,Sept.1820 in Cabanne Mansion. Jean Berald born 11,Jan.1799 D.2,Apr.1857 St.L.

Children were: Julie Pelagie, Pelagie, Gregoire, Auguste E, Virginia, and Emilie.B.1830

“Jeanne Victoire” must have died in 183_, because Jean Berald Sarpy married Martha Jane Russell in civil court 14,Apr.1835, then in church 16,Oct.1839 St.L. Children:

Clara Eliz.Sarpy

John Russell Sarpy

Julia Anne Sarpy

Mary Allen Sarpy

“Jeanne Victoires” children all died early except Virginia

(Julie Pelagie Sarpy)Born 1,July 1821 St.L. Died 7,July 1821.

(Pelagie Sarpy) Born 13,July 1822  Died 18,July 1822 St.L.

(Gregoire Saqrpy) Born 13,July 1824  Died 4,Nov.1826 St.L.

(Auguste E. Sarpy) Born 23,Jan.1826  Died 18,Sept.1829 St.L.

(Virginia Sarpy) Born 24,July 1827  Died 11,Aug.1917 St.L.

She married Frederick Berthold 15,Apr.1847 St.L.

He was born 18,Dec. 1821 Died 3,Oct.1868

Their children were:<John Sarpy Berthold> Born 27,Apr.1848  Died 14,Sept.1909 St.L.

He married? Anne Caroline Bernard B.1853  D.18,Dec.1938

One Child: Virginia Sarpy “Mimi” Berthold B. 1878. D.1957 Virginia married Samuel Bradley Gundy B.1870. D.18 July 1936


Their Children: Bradley Berthold Gundy.

Virginia M.Gundy.

John Sarpy Gundy.

Frederick Gundy.

Carolyn Gundy.

<Amedee Bartholomew Berthold> B.4,Aug.1849  D.6,Sept.1864 St.L. at 15

<Julia Louise Berthold> B.27,Aug 1850  D.6,Mar.1876 at 26Yrs.

<Mimie Berthold> B.12,Apr.1851  D.11,July 1855 at 4Yrs.

<Frederick Berthold> B.12,May 1852  D.21,May 1856 at 4Yrs.

<Marie Berthold> B.3,Feb.1856  D.28,Mar.1856 at birth.

 <Virginia Adel “Mimie” Berthold> B.15,June 1858  Died 2,May 1899 at   41Yrs. No marriage info.

 <Laura Berthold> B.2,Aug.1851  Died 3,Feb.1862 at 11Yrs.

 <Clara Pelagie Berthold> B.20,Jan.1866 in Pau France                                                    D. 20,Nov.1950 St.L. at 16yrs

<Eugenie “Lillie” Berthold> B.30,May 1868 Pau France

D. 28,June 1962 St.L. at 6yrs.

Frederich Sarpy died 3,Oct.1868 St.L.

Then Virginia narried Armand Bernard Peugnet 2,Apr.1870 in Rome Italy.

He was Born 2 Apr. 1833 at Cape Vincent,N.Y. Died 26, May 1894 in St. Louis

They had one child <Maurice Pugnet>. He was Born 4,Feb.1871 in Edenburg Scotland

Died 12,Apr.1914 in Detroit Michigan.

No marriage info.

(Emilie Sarpy) Born 22,Aug.1830  Died 7,July 1831 St.L. at 1yr.

“John Charles Cabanne” Born 4,Nov.1806  Died 17,July 1854 in St. Louis.

He married Virginia Elliot Carr on 12,Feb.1835 in St. Louis.

She was Born 1816  Died 1899.

Their children were: (Jean Pierre) Born 1837  Died 18,Apr.1863.

(Joseph Charles) Born 16,Oct.1846 in St. Louis,Died 17,Mar.1922.

(Sarpy Carr) Born 12,Dec.1847 in St.L.  Died 25,July 1916 L.A.Ca.

“Child Cabanne” Born and Died 19,Sept.1807. Buried St. Louis King Fr. St. Louis.

“August Eneas Cabanne” Born 28,Mar.1808 in St. Louis.Christened Aug.1808

Died 22,Jan.1822, or 23,Jan.1822. Buried in St. Louis King Fr. St. Louis.

“Julie Antoinette Cabanne” Born 18,July.1809  Died 15,Mar.1836.

She married James Wilkinson Kingsbury on 25,May 1830 in Cabanne Mansion.

He was Born 28,Sept.1801 in Conn.

Died 23,June 1853 or 1854 in St.L.

Their children:(Sarah Mary Vinginia Kingsbury) Born 3,Nov.1831  Died 4,Mar.1913 St.L.

She married Armand Robert DeGiverville Comte 25,Oct.1865 St.L.

He was Born 23,Jan.1823 Normandy Fr. - No other info

(Louise Adele Kingsbury) Born 2,Apr.1833 in ss warrior Caseyville,Ill. Died 6, May 1898

She married Alfred Morgan Waterman 26,May 1855 at St.L.

He was Born 26,Dec.1826 at Hartford,Conn.

Died 10,Dec.1885 at St.L.


Their Children:<Julia Cabanne Waterman> B.15,Apr.1856  D.14,Nov.1905

<Alfred Morgan Waterman> B.1,Aug.1858  D.24,Sept.1872

<James Kingsbury Waterman> B.12,May 1860  D.1,Feb.1898

James died in South Africa

<Adele Louise Waterman> B.28,Mar.1863  D.3,Jan.1887

<Elizabeth Caroline Waterman> B.21,Dec.1862  D.1863

<Grace J.Waterman> B.29,Dec.1864  D.11,Dec.1924 Cin.Oh.

<Marie Armand Waterman> B.14,May 1866  D.1866

<Clarence Waterman> B.20,Aug.1867  D.20,NOV.1925 St.L.

<Marie Virginia Waterman> B.25,Jan.1870  D.29,Oct.1951

(Jules Cabanne Kingsbury) Born 1,Aug.1853  Died 20,May 1867 at 14yrs.

“Louisa Cabanne” Born 12,Aug.1811  Died 4, Aug.1841 in St. Louis.

She married Albert Gallatin Edwards 28,Apr.1835 in St. Louis.

He was Born 1812  Died 30,Apr.1892

Their child:(Gratiot Cabanne Edwards) B/D July 1841.

Louisa Died 4,Aug.1841

Albert then married Mary ? in St. Louis  Date ?

Their Children: Emma Edwards Born 1858

Benjamin Edwards Born 1860.

“Jule Victor Cabanne” Born 18,Oct.1812.

“Luciene Dutilhe Cabanne” Born 28,July 1814  Died 10,Apr.1875 in St. Louis.

He married Susan Plummer When? Born ? in Warrenton Mo.  Died 10,Apr.1875 St. Louis

Child: (James Sheppard Cabanne DR.) Born 4,Oct.1838, Died 18,July 1922.

James married Julie Chenier 10,Oct.1861 in St. Louis.

She was Born ?

Children <Julia Chenier Cabanne> Died 1862 or 63

<Susan Plummer Cabanne> Born 25,Aug.1866, Died Jan.1957 in S.D.Calif.

She married Robert Wash Goode 23,Mar.1890 in St. Louis

He was Born 1852 St.L.  Died 20 May 1895 Boerne Tex.

Children: [Susan Cabanne Goode],

[Frances Wash Goode], B.27,Sept.1892  D.11,Sept.1942 L.A.Calif.

[Julie Chenier Goode]

<James Sheppard Cabanne> Born 30, July 1876

“Francois Cabanne” Born 1,Jan.1816 St. Louis Christened Nov.1817  Died 9,Nov.1876.

“Daughter Cabanne” Born and Died 7,Mar.1817 in St. Louis. Buried St. Louis King Fr Stlouis.

“Louis Antoine Julius Cabanne” Born 28,Feb.1818  Died 1890 in St.Paul Minnissota.

He married Ann Stella Mary McNair 24,Nov.1846 in St. Louis. F.Alexander McNair

M.Margaret Susanne Reilhe

Their children: (John Charles Cabanne)

{Jules Reihle Cabanne)

(Stella Cabanne) Born in St. Paul,Minn.

She married  George Walsh

Their children: <Riehle Walsh>

<Jules Walsh>

<George W. Walsh> B.1886  D.3,Sept.1913 Seattle,Wash.

“Isabelle Cabanne” Born Jan.1820 or 1823  Died 29,Aug.1824.

Children of Victorie Gratiot and Sylvestrie Labbadie

Virginia, Benjamin, Son Labbadie, and Pelagie

Of course, this needs more. Reminds me of the Labbadie Plant.

“Virginia” Born Abt. 1807 in St. Louis,Mo. Died 18,Sept.1828. Married J.A.Sire 6,June 1827.

“Marie Ann L.” Born 9,Nov.1808 in St. Louis.Christened 24,Dec.1809. Died

“Benjamin” Born 3,Dec.1811 in St. Louis,Mo. Died

“Pelagie” Born 15,Feb.1814. Christened 30 June 1814 Died


Children of Charles Gratiot Jr. and Ann Belin

“Mary”,Born 27,Jan.1839, Died in St. Louis,Clayton,Mo.

“Elizabeth” Born 16,July 1842 at Willow Springs Iowa,Wisconsin.

“Henry Rene” Born17,Apr.1843 at Gratiot Grove Iowa, Wisconsin. Died after 1880.

“Charles C.Gratiot” Born 27,Dec.1848 in Utica N.Y.

“Leon Perdreauville” Born 26,Sept.1853 at Gratiot Town, Lafayette,Wisconsin. Died 24,May 1869 at Wolf Creek,Wisconsin

“Antoinella” Born 2,Sept.1855 at Gratiot Town,Lafayette,Wisconsin. Died Aft.1881.


Children of Marie Therese Gratiot and John Nicholas Macklot

“Julie(Julia)Zelina” Born 13,Apr.1808 in St. Louis, Died 24,Dec.1861 in Baltimore Md.

She married Henry Anthony Thompson on 27,June 1827 in Baltimore,Md.

Their children were: Henry Fenwick

Charles Gratiot

Emilie Elizabeth

Winfield Scott

Daniel Bowling

John William

Julia Therese


Virginia Wallace


“Emilie” Born 30,Aug.1812 Died

“Virginia Elizabeth” Born 23,July 1814 in Herculaneum, Jefferson Co.Mo. Died 9,Sept.1892

She married Pierre Alexandre Berthold on 31,Jan.1837 in St. Louis

Their children were: Zelina Therese Born 12,Apr.1838 in St. Louis  Died 22,Aug.1854.

Louise Born 16,Mar.1840, Died 23,Dec.1917

Pelagie Born 16,Jan.1842, Died 4,May 1931

Augustus Born 5,Dec.1843  Died 21,Jan.1918 St. Louis.

Martha Jane Born 20,Feb.1846 in St. Louis, Died 4,Apr.1926.

John Maclot Born 22,Aug.1850 in St. Louis, Died 21,Feb.1856

Bartholomew Born 25,Oct.1852 in St. Louis, Died 10,Jan.1893


Children of Henry Gratiot and Susan Hempstead:

“Charles Hempstead Gratiot” Born 15,Mar.1814 in St. Louis. Died 16,Mar.1883 at Gratiot Town,Lafayette,Wisconsin. He married Ann Elizabeth Shelden 27,Nov.1837 at Mineral Point Iowa, Wisconsin. Ann E.Shelden was born 17,Nov.1819 and died 9,Jan.1883 in Detroit,Wayne,Michigan. Her parents were Major Sheldon and Mrs.Sheldon.

Children: Marie Eliza Born 27,Jan.1839 Dubque,Iowa.

Elizabeth Born: 16,July 1842 Willow Springs, Lafayette,Wisc.

Henry Rene: Born 17,Apr.1843 Gratiot Grove,Lafayette,Wisc.

Leon Perdreauville Born 27,Sept.1853  Died 24,May 1889

Antoinette: Born 2,Sept.1855 Gratiot Grove,Lafayette,Wisc. She married Joseph T.Brewster 2,Sept.1879 Shullsburg,Lafayette,Wisc.

“Edward Hempstead” Born June 19,1817 St. Louis, Died 17,Dec.1882 in Plattsville Wisc. He married , and had  five or six children.

“Susan” Born in 1819, married Mr. Child, and died Dec.1843, at age of 24.

“Mary” Born in 1821, died a young woman, unmarried.

“Henry A.” Born 1823 at Gratiot Grove, Wisconsin. lives in California.(Another source- Henry married Eliza DeLorimer on 25,July 1848. Died in Iowa).

“Adelle” Born in 1827, married to E.B. Washburne. She died in 1887, aged 60.

“Stephen Hempstead” Born Abt.1830  died in Washington in 1864.

“Eliza” Born and Died young. 1832. In St. Louis

“William Hempstead”. Born abt.1834 in St. Louis.

I’ll be doggone, E.B. Washburne was Adelle’s husband. And he wrote the book.


Children of Emilie Anne Gratiot and Pierre Chouteau Jr.

“Emilie” Born 13,Feb.1814 in St. Louis, Died 25,Apr.1836.

She married Maj.John F.A.Sanford in 1832.

Children: Benjamin Chouteau Sanford Born16,May1835 in St. Louis.

He married Louise Berthold 04,May St. Louis.

Louise was born 16,Mar.1840 in St. Louis

Children: Pierre Chouteau Born 9, Mar.1859 in St. Louis  Died ,Mar.1897

He married Imogene Hull 1884 St.L. She was born 1863 in Conn.

Virginia Born 23,Jan.1873 in N.Y.  Died 1936

She married Albert Lawnin 4,Aug.1902. He died 9,Feb.1940.

Irene Chaffee Born 11,May 1878 in N.Y. He died 25,Dec.1945

She married J.Walker Guion 1889 in St. Louis

Benjamin Chouteau Born 6,Oct.1880 in N.Y.  Died 18,Jan.1905

“Julia” Born 18,Feb.1816 in St. Louis, Died 02,July.1897.

She married Frederick Atley Abt.1836 in St. Louis.

Child: Cornelia Born5,Aug.1838 in St. Louis.

She also married Dr.William Moffett on 1,June 1843.

“Pierre Charles” Born 25,Dec.1817 or in St. Louis, Died in 1818

“Charles Pierre” Born 02,Dec.1819 in St. Louis, Died 05,Jan.1901.

He married Julia Anne Gratiot on 07,Nov.1845.

Children: Emilie Ann(Mimi) Born 2,Oct.1846 St.L.  Died 22,Jan.1894

She married John Marsh Henshaw 5,Dec.1870.

Child: Charles Chouteau Born 1872 New Orleans Died 24,July1933

Pierre Chouteau Born 30,July 1849 St.L.  Died 15,Aug.1910

Marie J. Born 24,Sept.1851 St.L.  10,June 1852

Ann Victore Born 4,Jan.1856St.L.  Died 17,Sept.1918

She married David Dick Johnson 27,Oct.1876 St.L.

Child: Violet Johnson Born 1878 St.L.

Henry Born 12,Oct.1857 St.L.

“Benjamin Wilson” Born 17,Aug.1822 in St. Louis, Died 1822 in Mo.


Children of Louise (Isabelle)Apoline Gratiot and Jules DeMun

“Isabelle Apoline Salome” Bapt.____, Died_____? Married Edward Walsh 25,Feb.1840 in St.L.

“Julia Elizabeth Apoline” Baptized 1815 St. Louis. She married Antoine Leon Chenier 20,Apr.1835 in St. Louis. Antoine was born 09,Feb.1808, Died 24,July 1869. His parents were       Antoine Chenier and Marie Therese Papin.

Julia and Antoine’s children:

Isabelle Therese Chenier Born 1,Aug.1837 St.L.

Therese Chenier Born 20,Dec.1838 and Died 30,June 1885 in St.L.

Julie Chenier Born 15,Jan.1841 St. Louis, Died 18,July 1922 St. Louis.

She married James Sheppard Cabanne on 10,Oct.1861 St. Louis

Their children:

Julia Chenier Cabanne

Susan Plummer Cabanne

James Sheppard Cabanne

Marie Louise Chenier Born 14,Nov.1848 St.L Died 8,May 1878 Canada

“Jules E.L.DeMun” Christened 28,Apr.1816.

“Louisa Victoire” Christened 30,Dec.1818 St. Louis. She married Robert A.Barnes.

“Emilie Laure (Mimi)” Christened 23,Mar.1833 in St. Louis. She married Charles Bland Smith.

“Aimee Claire” Christened 20,Apr.1835 in St. Louis, Died unmarried.


Children of Jean Pierre (Bunyon)Gratiot and Marie Antoinette DePerdreauville

Oldest Daughter, Antoinette married Edward Hempstead of Arkansas.

Other Daughters, Adele, Marie, and Mimmie.

His Sons were Ren’e, Theodore, Adolph, and Charles.

Some of these names work, some don’t. Following is list from “Latter Day Saints”.

Their children:

“John Pierre Rene Gratiot” Born 1820 Christened 13,Feb.1821 St. Louis.

He married A.B.Gratiot 1858.

“Alexander Gratiot” Born Abt.1822 St. Louis.(Could this be a twin of Stephanie?)

“Stephanie Pauline Gratiot” Born 19,Oct.1822 St. Louis Died 17,Nov.1909.

She married Bernard Farrar Hempstead on 18,July Richwoods,Washington,Mo.

He was born 12,Mar.1818 in Washington Hempstead,Arkansas

One child: (Victoria Hempstead) Born about 1842 in New London,Conn.

This may be the Antoinette noted above.

“Ninette Gratiot” Born Abt.1823 St. Louis.

“Theodore Alphonse Gratiot” Born 15,July 1824 St. Louis.

He married Pelagie Marie Louise Adelaide BeQuette 18,Feb.1851.

Born 26,Oct.1825 Washington Co. Missouri.

Her Parents: Joseph BeQuette and Adelaide Thomure Dit LaSource.

“Adolphe Gratiot” Born July 1827 St. Louis  Died 1,Aug.1827.

“Marie Victoria Adelaide Gratiot” Born 4,June 1830 St. Louis.

“Anthony William Gratiot” Born 22,Feb.1834.St. Louis


Children of Paul Benjamin Gratiot and Virginia Billon

“Charles Billon Gratiot” Born 3,Apr.1828.St.L.

He married Edith Thornburg.

“Henry Terry Gratiot” Born July 3,1830 at Mineral Point,Wisc. Died 26,Mar.1919 unmarried.

“Victoria Sophia Gratiot”Born 10,Mar.1832  St.L.,and died a young woman.

“John Sarpy Gratiot” Born 2,Feb.1834 St.L.  and Died young.

“Isabella Emilie Gratiot” Born 25,Aug.1836  and Died young.

“Paul Adolph Gratiot” Born 9,Oct.1838 St.L.

He married Miss Caroline Graham.

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Adolph P.Gratiot 40Yrs. Head of House Born Mo.

Caroline Gratiot 39Yrs. Wife Born Mo.

Adolph P. Gratiot 10Yrs. Son Born Mo.

Bertha Gratiot 6Yrs. Daughter Born Mo.

Edith C.Gratiot 3Yrs. Daughter Born Mo.

Clara Gratiot 3Yrs. Daughter Born Mo.

Louisa Graham 72Yrs. Mother in-inlaw Born Maryland.

Henry Gratiot 49Yrs. Brother Born Mo.

Thresa Gratiot 38Yrs. Sister Born Mo.

Paul B.Gratiot 34Yrs. Brother Born MO. 1846  Teamster  Single.

Joseph Baum 44Yrs. Other Born Mo.


Theresa M., born Aug 10, 1847.

Note:  This is an abrupt ending, but leaves room for any corrections. Thanks, Louis Schmidt