Issue No. 1
March 1945
St. Louis, Missouri


The idea to issue a monthly publication to be mailed to the boys and girls in Service was conceived By the residents of Dogtown.

The primary purpose is to keep our boys and girls of Dogtown posted on the news and events of the neighborhood.

We will try our best to make this paper as interesting as possible, and any suggestions or criticisms will be appreciated,

We will endeavor to publish as many names and addresses as possible from time to time and we feel that this may of some value to you in compiling a mailing list of your own.

Let us hear from you.


Capt. John (Bud) Morrisey was taken prisoner in Italy and is now in a German Prisoner Camp. Bud was Awarded the silver Star Medal.

Lt. (j.g) Louis (Cookie) Moran, Armed Guard Officers, S.S. Lavier. Back after 16 months in the South Pacific. Lou said that he found some 3.2 (? – tough to read) in New Guinea that tastes like Pine Tree (not bad, huh?) Lou met W. C. Jordan in Brisbane, Australia.

Randall Dwyer, S2/c
M.T.B. Rons 7th Fleet
c/o F.P.O.
San Francisco, Calif.

Bud Dyer, S2/c
Com. L.C.T. Flot. 8
c/o F.P.O.
San Francisco, Calif.

Randall met Bud on an island base in the South Pacific and both say “It sure Is swell to meet someone from Dogtown.” Boys had quite a time recalling neighborhood news. Randall also met Woody Selby. (……. [can’t read] and Ross Egan, S1/c.

Thomas Mayor

Tom was a guest on VOX POP, the radio show that gives very find gifts to the contestants. He received a shock and water-proof wrist watch plus a war bond. He will be home soon for ten days.

Edward Mayor

Eddie finally became a "real" sailor. No more “Post Toastie” sailoring for him. He’s now aboard an I.S.T. in the Pacific.

Honor Roll
Frank Daniels
William Diefenbach
Louis Kinker
John McCauley
Charles Spicuzza
Philip Swable
Robert Tatum

T/4 Joseph P. Rapp, husband of Bernice Carney, was home on a Christmas Furlough for 30 days. He was awarded the Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Cluster to Purple Heart during his 6 months action as a Ranger in Italy. He and his wife were seen at the White House at a big table and I wonder who was at the table? You guessed it: The Carneys!!!!


Mo. M.M. 2/c Geo. E. Hall has arrived in Norfolk, Va. After having spent 30 days leave with his wife Verda and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Hall, 1310 Graham St.

Everything that goes for enjoying a leave was heaped upon him by his many friends.

Much time was spent at the White House, the favorite rendezvous of Dogtown’s many friends of Mary and Randall Dwyer.

A good time is always had when the old gang get together.

George and his pal, Joe Eichner, were the same as ever in songs, such as Jungle Town and Old Gang of Mine.

Here’s hoping they can be together again real soon.

Two shipmates from George’s ship had heard so much about the White House that they stopped over in St. Louis just to give it a look.

One was from Kansas and had never seen anything like it.

The other from South St. Louis had never been this far North till George came home.

They both want to play a return date.

The Dogtown News
is to be published Monthly and is sponsored and paid for by:

Paul Pursley
Mary Dwyer
Lou Belleville
Water Cushow
Bernard Huff
Arthur Nischwitz
Bill Corbett
Martin P. Moore
Bill Thompson
Jess Lay
John E. Thomason
Don Myers
Bella Williamson
Bernice Rapp
Tris Tatum
Andras Braun
Charles Moser
James Brown
Marie Knichel
Elmer Wissflug
Lew Fleming
George Hall
Charles Brady
Mary Gallaher
Mamie Kelly
Mrs. M. Mayer
Benny Sudgen
Walter Droege
Charles McVey
Hugh McVey
Catherine & Red McVey
Art Schmitz
Bandy Schurwan, Jr.
Ann O’Shaughnessy
T.E. Dailey
Corky Kehm
Banty Schurwan
E.M. Eggleston
Catherine Doyle
Paul Corcoran
Curt Hathaway
Mrs. I. McKibbon
George McNander
Ed Behring
Katherine Moran


There is no charge for this publication: its purpose is to be mailed to servicemen by their friends at home.
Address all news and inquiries to

6286 Clayton Avenue
St. Louis 10, Mo.


A person has to know his soccer when he visits any of the McVey Family, as this subject is always open for discussion, morning, noon and night.

Soccer is the dessert for every meal, and Mrs. McVey is rather used to tending to bruised shins and arching muscles.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McVey, of 1534 Tamm Avenue, have three sons who are Muny soccer players.

Jack McVey, star outside left of the St. James’ Team, was honored this season by being selected for the All Star Junior Muny Team and sure it’s a hustling lad that he is.

Bob McVey, former outside right for the St. James and St. Frances De Sales Teams, is now serving the Navy and is located in the Philippine Arena of Action.

Danny, the other member of the family is now playing for the St. James’ Parochial School team and his dad would have liked to see Danny playing center forward, flanked on the left by Jack, and on the right by Bob.

Incidentally, Mr. McVey was quite a star forward in his day, as a member of the Hense Championship Teams of 1923-24-25.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard (Red) McVey, of 1041 Fairmount Avenue, are not to be outdone by the Hugh McVey Family, as they also have three sons playing soccer in a big way.

Hughie, Jerry and Larry McVey are all members of the Eleventh District Police Juvenile Muny Team and members of the St. James’ Parochial School Team.

Red McVey was quite a fullback for the Fairmount A.C. and Hense Teams in the past years and his son Hughie is following in his dad’s footsteps as a fullback.

In order to make the situation more complicated “Uncle” Charlie McVey enters the picture very prominently, as he was a star outside right forward of some years back and has imparted quite a bit of soccer knowledge to his six nephews and their fathers.


“Skip” Donnely
“Sunny” Kies
James F. Roach
John Bante


Pvt. Herbert C. Schmitz was wounded in Belgium January 10th, 1945. He is now recuperating in a hospital in Paris.

Ed Sudgen was hit by shrapnel in France. Doing O.K. now. Transferred from Infantry to ground crew in Air Corps. Expects to be kicking soccer when he gets home.

Henry Roetter, U.S.N. has been injured and is at U.S.N. Base Hospital 18-1-1 c/o P.O. San Francisco, California. If anyone cares to drop him a line. No information as yet just how serious his condition is.

“Dudde” O’Neil was wounded in Germany and was home on a 30-day furlough from the combat zone. His new address will appear in the next issue.

T/4 Joseph P. Rapp has received the Purple Heart and Oak Leaf Cluster to the Purple Heart. He was one of the first Rangers in Italy. Mail address, McCluskey General Hospital, Temple, Texas.


Bob Hunter met Gus Cranter in Africa. Gus was so surprised to see Bob sitting in a PX so far from home that he almost dropped his tray of food.

Cpl. J.J. O’Connell
76th Sev. Sqdn.
A.P.O. 638 P.M.
N.Y., N.Y.

Charles Gallaher, 37407395
366 F.T. S. Gp. 391 F.T.S. Sq.
A.P.O. 595, N.Y., N.Y.

Sgt. J.T. Weaver, 37110008
336 Slg. Co. T.C.W.C.
A.P.O. 638
c/o P.M.
N.Y., N.Y.

These three fellas met in London sometime ago and had quite a time visiting the ”pubs”!!! Quite a time!!!

Our sympathy to Belle Willis on the death of her father. Mr. Dickmeyer spent some time in St. Louis last summer and was liked by all.


Lawrence Stamps, Con.
U.S.S. England, D.E. 635
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Bring on those lights for Larry. He wants a reunion second to none.

Pvt. Howard Shell, 370339273
F.C.O. 1st Inf. A.P.F. 6
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Howard is having trouble becoming acclimated to those ‘hot spots.’

Pfc. C. Langenwohl, 37633406
Post Recreation A.P.O. 957
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Carl is enjoying Hawaii but would rather be in Dogtown. Who wouldn’t?

Pvt. P.C. Sharamitaro, 3762372
5257 D.S.S.C.T.S. Co. D.
A.P.O. 502
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Pete has run into quite a few fellows from ST. Louis but none from Dogtown.

S/Sgt. Joe Sharamitaro, 37183461
211 Fighter Sqdn.
A.P.O. 72
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Joe is now in the Philippine Islands and waiting for a chance to pull his rank on his brother.

Pvt. Thomas Marshall, 37058438
Co. B. 145th Engr. Rn.
A.P.O. 403
c/o P.M. N.Y., N.Y.

Tom was in Belgium around the holidays. Turkey and a few beers to top it off was the Christmas menu. Not much chance of any leave at this time.

Pfc. J. O’Shaughnessy, 37604343.
Co. It. 378 Inf. A.P.O. 95
c/o P.M. N.Y., N.Y.

Jim, who has been in the front lines, sends word that the war may be over soon.

Ray B. Kelly, E.M. 3/C
U.S.S. Wisconsin, Box 31.
c/o F.P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Ray hasn’t found any familiar faces as yet in his travelings but is still looking.

Pvt. J. Fitzgerald, 3762311
A.P.O. 7301
c/o P.M. New York City, N.Y.

Jim just missed “Mike” Brady in New York but hopes to catch up with him in Europe.

Norman “Mike” Brady
461st Amphibian Tank Co.
A.P.O. 230
c/o P.M. New York City, N.Y.

Last time we heard from Mike he was in Belgium.

Pcf. John F. Griffin
Co. E. 344 Engr. Regt.
A.P.O. 758, N.Y., N.Y.

Things are pretty good with John. Last heard from during the holidays.

Pfc. Martin Stamps, 37612773
Battery C, 199th A.A.A.
c/o P.M. San Francisco, Calif.

Most of the fellows will Martin as Larry’s brother. Martin is in the South Pacific.

Art Nischwitz, A.M.M. 2/4
U.S.S. Hornet, Viz-V2
c/o F.P.O. San Francisco, Calif.

Art is now on The Hornet. Has been very busy. Art’s brother….

R.T. Nischwitz, T.M. 2/C
USS Frank Knox, D.D. 742
c/o F.P.M. N.Y., N.Y.

Bob was recently married to Noreen Tournier, a former Tamm Avenuie. Noreen is now in the Marines.

Robert E. Droege, Pho. M.S. 3/C
N.T.S. Photo N.A.S.
Class 745, Pensacola, Florida.

“Bob” is going to school at Pensacola, Florida after spending approximately ten months in the South Pacific area.

D. A. Droege, S. 1/C
P.O.N.A.S., Ottumwa, Iowa

Dave is in the postal department after completing “boot” training at Great Lakes Training Station.

Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly, brother of Sister Acquinata of the Dominican Order of St. James School, returned from the Aleutian Islands and married June Haenichen September 30, 1944. They are now living at Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Edward C. Behring. Ed left St. Louis for Denver last Sunday night. He has just returned from twenty-seven months’ duty in the South Pacific, serving with the Marine Corps. Next trip he hopes to run tin Randall Dwyer.

Thomas Conroy. “Porky” left St. Louis for California with a prisoner of war. He will endeavor to get in touch with his aunt, Mrs. Connie Lane, in Omaha, Nebraska. On the trip the Lanes left St. Louis because of Mr. Lane’s transfer. “Old Fatsa” will contact “Rooster” Corbett in sunny California and make a few spots if possible.

Cpl. Thomas J. Hickey, 37181150
19th Station Hospital, A.P.O. No. 523
c/o P.M., N.Y., N.Y.

Tom sent greetings to all during the holiday season from Iran.

Walter Lay. Walter sends greetings to all the “gang” in Dogtown from the Philippines.

Cpl. J.K. Lally, 302000065
Hq. Co. P.C.D., A.P.O., No. 834
c/o P.M., New Orleans, La.

Jack and Bernie are in the Balboa Canal area. Jack writes, “The golf courses are tops, but no golf balls.”

Thomas Carney, F. 2/C
U.S.S. Leslie. L.B. Knox (D E 580)
c/o F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif.

Was in two invasions – Leyte and Luzon. Everything OK and is still going strong.

Pvt. John (Bud) Carney, 37023219
C.F.R.P., A.P.O. 739
c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y.

Is in Belgium. Says the beer is better than in England.


Jerry O’Shaughnessy seen in the “White House” on his delay-en-route before reporting to Fort Meade, Maryland.

Francis “Donuts” Dwyer relaxing in the big town after a perilous ocean voyage.

Charles Smith furloughing at home after completing 87 missions. Welcome home “Chick.”

Louis “Hot Papa” Colombo showing off his beautiful tan in Jack O’Shea’s bar.

Dolan Walsh
J.W. Jenneman, Jr.
Harold Brown
Joe Moran
John Palumbo
George Hall
Tom Lucas
August C. Theodore
Vern Ode
Thomas Dailey
Mickey Porter
Thomas Harry
Paul J. Coad 1/C

“Dude” O’Neil was one of the lucky boys picked for a 30-day furlough from the front lines. He left his outfit in Germany.



The White House Bowling Team composed of Charlie Moser, Roy (?) Williamson, Roy Kegler, Kirk Hathaway and Art Schmitz are doing pretty good at the Esquire Alleys on Monday Nites. The real bowling done across the bar at the White House the rest of the week. These boys really bowl them with these alleys. Knowing the capacity of the aforementioned group for the amber colored fluid, you can be assured that the only perfect games are bowled in the White House alleys.


St. James Soccer Team is in second place in the C.Y.C. league on the top rung. Many of the old soccer players’ sons or nephews are seen trying to follow in “Dad’s” or “Uncles’” footsteps.

In these games at Sublette Park the lineup looks like this:

Goal: Bill Mehan
Fullbacks: Shurwan and Mueller
Halfbacks: Tom Kehm and Rusty Crowe
Forwards: Jack McVey, Bill Holmes, Mickey Mayor, Bob Rooney and young Red McVey.

With all these Irish names we feel sure that St. James’ Team will end up on top. Huh?


It seems that a lot of the fellas are getting ready for the bottletop season because each nite they can be seen limbering up their arms at the White House bar. Of course, it maybe that this is the best way to drink beer, but most of ‘em insist that they are getting in shape for the coming season. More power to you boys.

We heard a good story about Charley Gallaher’s hunting trip in Belgium. Had a deer coming towards him, a perfect shot, and Charley discovered too late the safety is on. This tops the time Red McVey shot the dead rabbit.


Little Willie, unafraid,
Monkeyed with a hand grenade;
Mother, at the morgue, complained,
“Willie sure is scatter-brained.”


Breathes there a man with soul so dead,
Who never hath turned his head and said,
“Ummmmmmmmmm, not bad!”


The three Chinese who sisters aren’t married:



He: “May I take you home?”
She: “Sure, where do you live?”


Fun is like life insurance: The older you get the more it costs.


George Alexander tells the story about the two Jewish sailors:

Sam says: “Morris, the ship is sinking.”
Morris replied: “What do we care, we don’t own it!”


Pete Palumbo is the proud father of a son. Best of luck to Papa, Mamma and Baby.

Jim Harris is now home from the hospital after a brief illness. Jim was missed at the White House.

Lonely Hearts Club hold meetings regularly in the White House to discuss “Shortage of Men.”

Curt and Minette Hathaway purchased a home at 1238 Graham Street. Glad you kids stayed in the neighborhood.

We like to see Tim Dwyer enjoying his beer at the White House. We miss your visits Tim and hope you will be well soon.

Metropolitan Opera could use the beautiful voices heard harmonizing on Friday and Saturday nights in the White House with Charley Brady at the piano.


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