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PFC Daniels, Joseph KIA June 6, 1944
COX Diefenbach, William KIA June 8, 1944
S/SGT Hinkebein, Glen L. KIA April 29, 1944
WO JG Kirwan, Leonard M. KIA March 15, 1945
PFC O'Shaughnessy, Jeremiah J. KIA April 10, 1945
PFC Rice, William J. KIA July 13, 1944
PVT Roth, Jack H. KIA January 6, 1945
F1/c Schmiderer, Joseph August KIA December 18, 1955
PFC Spicuzza, Charles Jr. KIA July 7, 1944
PVT Tatum, Robert E.KIA July 5, 1944
SGT Valli, Harry KIA June 5, 1945
PVT Vellios, James G. KIA January 13, 1945



Adler, Jim
Pvt. Theodore C. Anville THE PURPLE HEART
Bachman, LaVerne U.S. Army
Bante, John D. 20, navigator of a bomber, prisoner of war in Germany
Bante, Joseph V. 1 enlisted in Coast Guard when received his brother was MIA
Baraevelt, Robert
Barni, Edward J.
Behring, Edward C. Navy, taking part in the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa
Bertelsmeyer, John G. South Pacific
Billy Godfrey,
Bomen, William
Bongner, T/3 Syl . pianist in the White House Orchestra for five seasons
Bosche, Eugene Served in Italy.
Brady, Pvt. Thomas
Brinsa, Sgt. Kenneth C. BRONZE STAR
Branscum, Claude Sargeant in U. S. Army Air Corps
Brown, Pfc. Harold W. In France and Belgium
Brown, Robert C. Pacific area
Buckley, Edward B U.S. Army -- Italy
Buckley, Pfc. John "Kipper" 9th Field Hospital is stationed in Belgium
Buckley, Andrew J. Received Presidential Unit Citation for performance under fire.
Bud Felhouse
Carney, Pvt. John (Bud) was in two invasions – Leyte and Luzon
Casey Tech. Sgt. George O. THE PURPLE HEART
Caswell, Buz U. S. Army;
Cenatiempo, Michael J. U.S. Marines -- in the Pacific and Panama
Chairs, Edward 3 years U.S. Navy. Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific
Charles Tidd
Chiaurro, Ed U. S. Navy
Clark, Pvt. John D.
Coad, Paul J.
Coad, Robert B. with the 86th Torpedo Squadron
Cody, Charles U.S. Army Air Force, Germany
Cody, George L. Seebess, Alaska and Aleutian Islands
Colombo, Louis
Condellire, Frank (Chick) Army Air Force
Conroy, Thomas with the Third Fleet off the coast of Japan
Cooper, Joseph (Sr.) U.S. Marines
Cooper, M. W. In the Philippines
Cooper, Maurice
Corbett, Charles (Rooster) U.S. Navy -- South Pacific -- 13 months on Guadalcanal
Corbett, Edward (Spider) U.S. Army Air Force
Corbett, M./S. Edward Ed stationed in India with the B-29's,
Cova, John
Cova, William C. Bronz Star
Cranter, Gus Africa
Crowe, R. E. Dick
Crowe, Thomas
Cummings, Raymond H. wounded in action aboard in Philippines
Cutelli, John
Cutelli, Joseph year in the U.S. Army -- Germany
Cutelli, Pvt. Vincent Purple Heart -- 4 years in the U.S. Army -- Guadalcanal
Daddona, Mike U. S. Merchant Marine
Dailey, Frank U.S. Coast Guard
Dailey, Thomas J.
Daniels, Frank
Daniels, Joseph
Darlington, Frank U. S. Navy;
Daniels, Joseph
Delaney, Edward H.
Denny, J.E. Distinguished Flying Cross
Derner, Fred
Diefenbach, Boots 4 years in the U.S. Army Air Force
Diefenbach, William
Dolan, William T.
Donnelly, Neal J. "Skip" prisoner of war (#160118)in Neubrandenberg, Germany
Donnelly, Walter H. Army Engineer Div.; D-Day in Normandy & British Columbia
Droege, Dave U. S. Navy;
Droege, Robert South Pacific
Droste, Wm. U.S. Army
Duggan, Robert U.S. Navy
Duggan, Thomas U.S. Navy
Duncan, George R. U. S. Navy; Battleship New York the battle for Okinawa
Dutton, John W. 4 ˝ years -- U.S. Army, Italy
Dutton, Thomas
Dwyer, Francis
Dwyer, Randall U. S. Navy, South Pacific
Dyer, Bud South Pacific
Eckdahl, J. U. S. Navy;
Eckert, Ralph U. S. Army;
Edgar Vincent
Eggleston, Pfc. Richard M.
Eggleston, Robert On Luzon
Eichner, John D. In the South Pacific
Evans, Cushman T.
Fink, Dan U. S. Army;
Fink, Jim
Fischer, Morris S. U.S. Army Air Force
Fitzgerald, Jim (Pvt.) Europe
Flanagan, Bill U. S. Navy, SeaBees
Fogarty, William T. U. S. Army;
Foster, Mary (Warnhoff) U. S. Army;
Fultz, Fritz Served with the 39th Engineers in Africa and Italy
Gallaher, Cpl. Chas. J. 31 months in the, U.S Army – European theater
Gallaher, Larry U.S. Army Air Force, England -- 35 missions.
Garavaglia, Charles
Geiger, Loretta
Geiger, Lt. Adeline E.
Gittins, Rolla J.
Gittins, Russell
Godfrey, Bill 37 months in the U.S. Army Air Corp -- Europe
Gradients, Robbie
Grandinetti, Albert U. S. Navy
Grandinetti, Mike U. S. Army;
Gray, John John W. U. S. Navy;
Greco, Sgt. Victor PURPLE HEART
Griffin, John F. (Pfc.) 44 months In the U.S. Army – European theater
Griffin, William A. U.S. Merchant Marine
Hall, George E. PURPLE HEART wounded in the invasion of Italy
Hall, Mo. Geo. E.
Haller, Manuel (aka Sonny Kies) wounded in Argentin, France
Haller, Manuel E. U.S. Army corporal. POW
Harris, Ray U. S. Navy -- U.S.S. Sterlet
Harry, Thomas
Hart, Jack U. S. Navy
Hennessey, Pat
Herbst, George U.S. Army
Herbst, Joseph H. U.S. Navy -- wounded on a destroyer off Okinawa
Hickey, Thomas J. (Cpl.) Iran
Hinkelbin, Glen
Houlihan, R.J.
Hruby, Jack U. S. Navy;
Hunter, Lt. R. M., Africa
Jacobs, David U.S. Army Air Force, South Pacific, 1943-45
James, Cliff
James, Paul
James, Robert
Jenneman, Don U. S. Navy;
Jenneman, John.W., Jr.
Jennemann, Raymond C. U. S. Navy;
Jennemann, Robert U.S. Army Air Force
Jenneman, Ted
Jennerman, Jr., Walt
Jorgen, Robert James
Judy, R.K. U.S.S. Mississippi -- Purple Heart for wounds at Leyte
Kassing, Wilbert European Theater
Kehm, Bill
Kehm, George
Kehm, Tom
Kelley, Ray P. took part in the invasion of the Philippines -- Luzon
Kelly, Jim U. S. Army;
Kelly, Joe
Kennedy, John U. S. Navy
Kennedy, Martin U. S. Navy
Kern, John, Jr. U.S.M.C. Okinawa
Kimmel, Robert
King, John U.S. Marine Corps
Kinker, Louis
Kirwan, Edward U.S. Navy
Kirwan, Thomas U.S. Army Air Force Tou Ion, Cannes, Turin and Athens
Kirwan, Joseph K. U.S. Army -- seriously injured in plane crash
Kirwan, Edward U.S. Navy
Krall, Ferdinand Wounded in service
Lafser, Cpl. Arthur PURPLE HEART
Lally, J.K. (Cpl.) Balboa Canal area
Langenwohl, C. (Pfc.) Hawaii
Lawless, Pvt. James T. Jimmy Worked in hospital in England.
Lay, Walter Philippines
Longiano, Jack
Longiano, Tony U.S. Army
Lucas, Tom
Mahoney, Robert B. Warrant officer, U.S. Army
Marshall, Tom (Red) . Army Engineer, one of General Patton's men
Martineau, Robert "Bob" freed from Billbid Prison, in Manila
Massaro, Joe U. S. Army;
Matthew, David Smith U.S. Army Infantry
Mayor, Edward L. 4 years in the U. S. Coast Guard. Pacific Duty
Mayor, Lawence T. 3 years in the U.S. Coast Guard -- South Pacific
Mayor, Thomas
McCauley, John
McEvoy, Morris James (Jim) U. S. Navy;
McLaughlin, Jim (Lester)
McMahon, Joe
McVey, H. P.
McVey, Robert
Meier, Lou
Melvin, Johnnie F. U.S. Army
Merlot, Bill
Merlotti, Normall
Miller, George U.S. Navy
Mirielli, Dan
Mollick, John
Moran, James U.S. Navy -- West Virginia fighting to help take Okinawa
Moran, Joseph
Moran, Lt. (J.G.) Louis R
Morgan, Floyd
Morgan, Paul S.
Morrisey, J.C. Jr., taken prisoner in Italy, awarded Silver Star Medal
Mucci, Nick U.S. Army / Air Corps
Mueller, Edward E. First Army in Germany
Mueller, George E.
Mullin, Pfc. Erwin L. Bronze Star for meritorious achievement in Germany.
Murphy, Babe
Myers, Staff Sgt. Louis On a Flying Fortress based in England
Nerviano, Al In New Guinea
Newport, James T. U.S. Army Air Force
Nischwitz, Art On the U.S.S. Hornet
Nischwitz, Robert T. U. S. Navy;
Nischwitz, Noreen U.S. Marines
Nonnenkamp, Wm. J. U.S. Army
O'Connell, Jerry J.
O'Keefe, Emmett
O’Neil, “Duddle” Purple Heart -- wounded in Germany
O'Shaughnessey, James E. Patton's army, Silver Star for outstanding valor
O'Shaughnessy, Pfc. Wm. On Luzon
O'Shaughnessy, Thomas F. U.S. Army
Ode, Vern U. S. Navy
Owens, Frank U. S. Army;
Palumbo, John M.
Palumbo, Pat U. S. Army;
Pappageorge, George 3 years U.S. Army Air Force. Italy. Sicily and Africa
Parrish, Elmer U.S. Army Air Force. 27 missions over Germany
Parnrenter, Edward Dowe U.S.S. Uvalde, action in Okinawa and the Philippines
Patterson, Bob U. S. Navy;
Pelchman, James 19 months in the U.S. Navy
Pervan, John U.S. Army
Petit, Gene U. S. Navy;
Phillip, Schwable
Pilla, Frank
Pryor, James
Purcell, Michael U. S. Army;
Quirk, R. J.
Rapp, Joseph P. awarded Purple Heart during action as a Ranger in Italy
Reese, Bud U. S. Army;
Reese, Pvt. William
Reutter, Henry U. S. Navy;
Reutter, Louis U.S. Coast Guard
Rieser, Irving Navy in the Phillipines
Rigoni, John T. U.S. Army, caputured in Italy and was held 14 months
Roach, Kenneth "Red" U. S. Navy;
Roach, Staff Sgt. James Received the Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross.
Roetter, Henry Purple Heart
Rooney, John
Roth, Jack MIA reported missing in action in Luxemburg
Roth, Robert
Sanner, Hersell
Saxton, David South Pacific
Schaeffer, Dopnald U.S. Army - Infantryman, the Bronze Star in Germany
Schatzle, Charles U.S. Army
Scherzinger, George Saw action in Africa, Germany and France
Scherzinger, Mitch
Schilling, Joseph C. U.S. Navy
Schmeiderer, Joe
Schmitz, Al
Schmitz, Pvt. Herbert Purple Heart -- wounded in Belgium
Schultz, Les
Seago, William E. U.S. Marines. Wounded in action on Okinawa
Sharamitaro, Joe (S/Sgt.) Philippines
Sharamitaro, Pete in the Philippines
Shell, Howard (Pvt.)
Smith, Charles “Chick”
Spann, John
Spicuzza, Charles
Springmeyer, F.
Stamps, Lawrence England
Stamps, Martin (Pfc.) South Pacific
Steimann, Jr., William
Stocker, Gene S.
Stumpf, John Merchant Marine
Stumpf, Les North Africa and Western Europe
Sudgen, Ed The Purple Heart – hit by shrapnel in France
Surgalski, Cpl. Mack Pacific
Swable, Philip
Tatum, Robert
Theodore, Gus U.S. Army
Theodore; Jim
Thiele, Bernard Iwo Jima and Okinawa Invasion
Thornsberry, Norman U. S. Army;
Vezeau, Dean F. Bombadier in Air Force, South Pacific. Shot down/survived
Vogel, Charles R.
Vorbeck, John Chester U.S. Navy, South Pacific.
Wack, Corp. A.. R. .
Wack, Francis "Fat" U. S. Navy;
Wack, Francis X. U. S. S.Mugford
Wack, L. C. U. S. S. Mills
Wack, Pvt. F. C. A. Win.
Wack, Richard
Wack, T/Sgt. Robt. U.S. Army Air Force
Walsh, Dolan U.S. Navy, Pacific theater. See news story.
Walsh, J.D. U.S. Navy
Ward, Hubie U.S. Army;
Waterhouse, Marion S. U.S. Navy; Served aboard submarines out of Honolulu
Weaver, Jack U.S. Army European Theater of War
Weigel, Joseph E. U.S. Navy -- the Destroyer Hugh W. Hadley off Okinawa
Wideman, W.E.
Williamson, Rolla at Pearl Harbor
Winham, William Lloyd U.S. Army Air Corps
Wynn, Paul
Zahner, Victor Europe
Ziembiski, Henry U. S. Navy;
Zinschlag, Edward N. Army surgeon - Silver Star in action at the siege of Bastogne
Zundel, Thor


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