From census records from 1900

John and Nell Dolan O'Hare were my grandparents. "Katie" was actually Katherine who lived in Dogtown, at 6446 Wise from the time they moved there after burning down the house at 6502 Cheltenham with their Christmas tree, until 1944. John died Sept, 1943. Nell died June 11, 1944.

Daughter Nelliue died on March 12, 1902.

Daughter Mary married George Boerckel (Berkel), had 3 daughters, Betty b. April 12, 1928, Joan b. March 10, 1931 and Ruth Ann b. October 23, 1938. Mary O'Hare Berkel lived her entire lifein Dogtown. She was born at 6502 Cheltenham, lived at 6446 Wise until after Joan was born (according to Let's Go), then she and George and the 2 girls moved to Louisville, I have no idea of that address. Ruth Ann was born there. Mary and George were separated shortly after Ruth Ann was born and Mary and the 3 girls moved back to 6446 Wise. They moved from there to the upstairs flat on Tamm Ave (second flat south of St. James school), back to the Louisville house and then to 6528 Berthold, lst floor West. Mary died on Jan. 15, 1965.

Daughter Margaret (my mother) married Pete Fischer Aughst 22, 1932, I was an only child, born Sept. 29, 1936. She died Jan. 15, 1978.

John and Nell also had a son, James Smith O'Hare b. Nov. 6, 1894, died June, 1895.

John and Nell, Katherine, Mary, Margaret, James, Nellie, Joan Berkel Theiss and Betty Berkel are all buried in Calvary Cemetery, Section 013, Lot 0210. Only Ruth Berkel Whittle and Katherine Fischer Dowling (me) survive.

Nell Dolan O'Hare was the daughter of Patrick Dolan, her siblings were Timothy P. Thomas J., John Patrick, Francis Dolan, Sr. and Peter John Dolan. John Patrick was the proprietor of the bar, hotel at Tamm and Manchester, later Dolan Realty (his son Robert Raphael [Ray] Dolan founded.

Ray and his wife Sally had 6 sons, were still in Dogtown when Let's Go was discontinued. I believe all 6 sons are deceased.

Kay Dowling


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