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#27: Border crossing : Perrault comments

From: ange perrault <Ange.Perrault@mail.tju.edu>

 That is true, you cannot cross the border with a rental car.  My 
 experience crossing the border was a mix one: 

 First it took me close to 2 hrs from P-au-P to reach the border (it 
 should have taken 30 min at most) due to pothole and whatever.  The 
 Haitian side of the border was unprofessional but not rude.  We cleared 
 the border easily (10-20 min at most)

 Now the Dominican side we had to present: Insurance for the car for DR 
 (not the one from Haiti), Visa on the passport, tax for Haitian 
 citizens, search of the vehicule and proof of ownership (might you we 
 did cross in the volvo).  They wanted us to literally spend the night at 
 the border.  Mind you soem US tourists got there after us, and left 
 before us. I was not suprise it is still Haiti you know.  Anyway when we 
 refuse to pay more taxes they would not let us in. I demanded to see a 
 superior and a refund then they let us go.  I learn that in Venezuela, 
in latin America there is still something call Heirarchy (not in Haiti).  

 Well to make a story short, it took us exactly 4 hrs if I recall.  Nice 
 paved road and smooth ride (P.S. we did give a crossing guard a ride to 
 Santo Domingo) so maybe that is why it took us no time.

A. R. Perrault, PhD