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#25:liberation theology and democracy: Gill responds to Corbett

From: drgill <markgill@clas.net>

Albert Schweitzer Caribbean Foundation

let us hope that the movement toward cooperation that Ti Legliz
promotes continues, since cooperation between individuals and
groups is not a characteristic of the Haitian personality.....if nothing
else, this would be a very positive move.....

and, Ti Legliz can work IF they keep the marxism out of it....meaning, the
methodology that marxism promotes......trying to
use this methodology is the major reason for the failure of liberation
theology in Nicaragua, for example....Ortega and his
buddies were more interested in the control that marxism offered
than they were in solving social problems........this has often been 
the case.....one can read Humberto Belli  (Beyond Liberation
Theology) to see why this movement has faltered in a serious way
in South America and Central America.....

Mark Gill