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#32:democracy: Conde replies to Gill

From: ALIX CONDE <alico@worldnet.att.net>

The facts in Nicaragua and in Haiti have shown that the ideology that really
defeated the Ti Legliz was powered by gunpowder. Anyway, please tell us
exactly what should "communism" in the Ti Legliz be replaced with?  Is it a
characteristic of unspecified non-Haitians to cooperative? As former
President Reagan would say, "Well....". The comment on "characteristic of
the Haitian personality" made me smile a bit because it reminded me of a
whole lot of such "characteristic of the personality of other folks that
Haitians have developed over the centuries of contact with the worst that
the millennium had ever brought on any people in human history. This is also
true for African Americans, Jamaicans, Congolese Indonesians. The list is
endless. Do you have a theory on how the Haitians have acquired this trait?
I would like to hear your opinion on both of these serious questions that
you have raised. 
Alix Conde