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#46: Haitian Artist Assembly (meeting) Boston

From: Emmanuel W.Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

[From: Charlot Lucien <Charlot.Lucien@state.ma.us>
     PLEASE SHARE;  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (hosts, telephone tree handlers,
table attendants...)

     General Meeting of the Haitian Artists Assembly of Mass.

     Friday July 30, 1999

     565 Boylston St, Copley Square, Boston
     Gallery for Social And Political Arts

     Introduction: Current and New Members (10mn)

     How can we interact with and get support from cultural organizations
in the Boston area (30mn):
     Invited, representatives from the:
     =A7 Boston Center for the Arts (space, programming)
     =A7 Somerville Arts Council (grants, programming)
     =A7 Massachusetts Art Council (grants, scholarship)
     =A7 The Haitian Consulate in Boston (ref; invitation)
     =A7 National Center for Afro-American Artists (Programming)
     =A7 Gallery for Social and Political Arts (Collaboration, space)

     Reports and Updates (20mn)
     =A7 Reports on Most Recent Activities
     =A7 Updates: on Anthology and Book of Painters; invitation to
perform in  Haiti (Week of the Diaspora)
     =A7 Other:_

     Plenary session (40mn)
     =A7 After four years and dozen of cultural events, where do we go?
     =A7 Brainstorming on Celebrating January 1, 2000 in New England
     =A7 Other strategic decisions

     Sub-groups session (35mn)
     =A7 Discussing discipline/category specific projects
     =A7 Report

     Bring an artist; your latest artwork, book samples, CDs, Cards_

     Refreshment will be served; =

     Live performances and sketches


     Orange Line to Back Bay Station; go out and turn right on Darmouth St  
Boylston St is two blocks down
     Green Line: get off Copley Station;  you will be on Boylston St.
Look for #565
     By Car: from 93 North or South, take Exit 18 to Mass Ave; from Mass 
Ave. turn right on Tremont St; from Tremont turn left on Darmouth St proceed 
to Boylston St and turn right on Boylston St.

FOR INFO CALL (617) 846-5421       OR (508)-586-4566]

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