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#59: re: Voodoo dolls: Foxwell comments

From: Louis Foxwell <l.foxwell@worldnet.att.net>

 The dolls I saw at the iron market were not for tourists. They were sold 
 by a vendor of local products for local consumption. 

 The dolls were about 6 inches high, sewn with something used for 
 stuffing. They were crude and very simple, not toys for children. The 
 males were anatomically correct and both the male and female dolls had 
 hair glued on the head and genitals. 

 The vendor was shocked that I was interested and told me that they were 
 used in voudoo along with a small pottery piece containing 3 vials. 
 There were also hand rolled saffron candles as part of this line of 
 products. I purchased some of each.

Haitian friends told me later that they were used in voudoo ritual.

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