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#65: New list procedure on attachments will begin tomorrow.

I am stealing this notion from Michele Wucker who runs a mailing list
on the Dominican Republic.  Already this week one list member has been
having a terrible problem with a message with an attachment that her
machine cannot delete.  Often I can send them anyway.

I've taken this from Michele Wucker:

"With all the viruses going around, Onelist has added the option for lists 
to bar attachments and I've activated it for the dominican list. This means 
that if you send a file with an attachment, it WILL NOT reach list members. 
As a reminder, some email systems automatically turn long files into 
attachments, so be sure that if you want to forward information to the list, 
it's best to cut and paste from the original, deleting all the computer 
gobbledygook and address lists from the beginning and end, to make sure it is 
short enough. IF YOU HAVE A LONG FILE that you think is important for the 
list to see, email me and I'll explain how to send it to a "shared files" 
area, to which members have access."

This will apply to all new messages received here for the Haiti list.

Thanks,  Bob Corbett