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#69: Comparative murder statistics in Jamaica and Haiti: Laleau comments


Haitians are right to complain about the insecurity.  Just because we in the 
murderous north are inured to an absolutely disastrous urban crime rate 
doesn't mean that is "normal"!  I think Haitians have a far better sense of 
what is human on that score.  Friends of mine who had lived in Paris for 7 
years returned to San Francisco, and were appalled to be confronted by the 
violence of U.S. society... they had forgotten what they had been accustomed 

I am currently living in a town where the "crime blotter" mostly includes 
about 6-7 alcohol related crimes per week, 3-4 thefts, and extremely rarely, 
a murder somewhere in a 20-30 miles radius.  I think this is a lot more like 
how humans deserve to be living.  People here are worried about the 
insecurity and "gang activity" too... Preoccupation is relative, but murder 
is not a "healthy" human activity although unfortunately, it has become 
"normal" in many parts of the world.

Nancy Laleau