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# 73: 10 year old delivered her first baby : Vedrine comments

From: Emmanuel W.Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

First, this is a crime and a terrible rape [no better word to describe it] 
for this innocent girl. If the crime was done by a 13, 14, 15 year old boy, 
maybe some of us would forgive (but not forget) the teenage father. But for 
a 22 year old (who is probably sick) who can think (if his brain is 
functioning well or was), there is no apology. Now, to respond to the 
question: "Any thoughts on why the father was not identified in the article 
when the 10 year old was openly named ???" remains a mysterious one in a 
country where laws close their eyes on children (specially the 
'untouchables' or the 'underdogs'. We don't know yet if the 10 year old 
Ismelda Petithomme is a  "restavek" or not. These rape cases can happen 
easily to 'restavek' girls, young maids but  for a 10 year old girl to 
deliver a baby, that breaks the records and stimulates our thoughts. Some 
questions to keep in mind about the hidden father's name?:

a. Could he have bribed the authorities, the media?
b. What is his social status?
c. Is he a "Ti Pouchon" or the son of some "Mr. Goltinbert"?
d. Who is exactly the LOKO father?


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