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#78: Good (?) News from Haiti: Gill replies to Driver

From: drgill <markgill@clas.net>
To: Robert Corbett <bcorbett@netcom.com>
Subject: Re: Good (?) News from Haiti: Driver replies to Durban

Albert Schweitzer Caribbean Foundation

.        Tom Driver wrote:
|         -- the will and the skill of Haiti's leaders to buck the
|         pressure from the USA and the global financial institutions that
|         do not want Haiti to feed itself nor to do much of its own
|         manufacturing.  Instead, they want it to play in their ball
|         game, where it will produce for THEIR profit and consume what
|         THEY market.
|          *****Are we to assume that the USA and the World Bank
            , the IMF, the Inter-America Development Bank, the Import-
            Bank, et. al have some set of goals to prevent Haiti from
            from development?  Can Mr. Driver please back up these
            statements with facts?  Is Mr. Driver saying, in effect, that
            US companies, along with those from Canada, Italy and
            Japan, persuade their respective governments to pressure
            Haiti to not develop or grow food or produce cotton for
            cloth, for example?

            If Mr. Driver's statements are supported by facts, then should
            we not shout "collusion", and begin a campaign by sending
            letters to Representatives and Senators in the US and sending
            letters to the governments, open letters, of the other
            who export to Haiti?  Should we not do the same to the
            "global financial institutions" that are part of the collusion?

             Mark Gill