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#80: statements by LaFanmi Selavi boys re: incident (fwd)


2 Statements by LaFanmi Selavi boys re: incident

On June 28, 1999, the LaFanmi Selavi boys who were involved in the incident 
on June 24th at LaFanmi Selavi held a press conference and issued a public 
apology for their role. The boys also spoke to jounalists on camera, all of 
which was aired on television.  In addition to apologizing they pointed out 
that suddenly politicians are trying to capitalize on the unfortunate  
incident but "where were those politicians" when they set fire to LaFanmi 
Selavi or assassinated the children in the past?

June 28, 1999

"What happened at LaFanmi Selavi on June 24th started as a demonstration of
solidarity between, us, a group of 37 graduates of LaFanmi Selavi who each
have a letter securing a job, complete with an advance of 2,500 gourdes;
and 17 others who have not yet found work.  In this moment where we wanted
to express our solidarity, infiltration by a group of zenglendos ruined the

We apologize to everyone who suffered as a result of what happened,
starting with the LaFanmi Selavi administration, neighbors, those who came
to help us, and everyone else in general.

Dirty laundry ought to be washed in family.  We don't want anyone
interfering in our relationship with Titid whom we love very much. 
Today we don't want hypocritical politicians speaking in our business. This
is why we declare:

What happened [on June 24th] won't happen again.
Between prison and work, we choose work; those of us who have had our
letters in hand for more than two weeks will be going to work
with respect, we ask that those youths who were arrested be freed so that
they can go to work
Titide and us are twins.

Thank you.

[Signed by 2 youths]

Public Apology Issued by LaFanmi Selavi Youths Arrested in Demonstration
at the Center on June 24, 1999

June 28, 1999

In the name of all kids and all youths who are in LaFanmi Selavi and in
the name of all those who understand us, we ask the forgiveness of everyone
who suffered as a result of the incident [of June 24th], such as CIMO, the
National Police (who understood us) along with all the neighbors who were
victims of this incident.

Pride and disrespect only lead to a never-ending cycle of pain.

The cause was a lack of communication between father and son.  With
dialogue and with respect for one another, with love for one another, we
were able to reach a solution.  We will imitate our father, but we won't
ever irritate him.  Others should not meddle in the affairs of father and
son; in the affairs of a family, because dirty laundry ought to be washed
in family.  Anyone who would want to get involved, thank you, but dirty
laundry is always washed in family.

We don't have any problems with anyone.  We are kids and we have no
problems with adults.

Alone we are weak.  Together we are strong.  Altogether we are Lavalas.

[Signed by 9 youths)