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#82:: Democracy in Haiti : A response to Driver


Dear Tom F. Driver, 
Where have we lost our way in Haiti?  Democracy has been touted as the 
solution because it works here.  Haiti was founded on Voodou, the US was not 
founded on Voodou.  The mind set of Haitians is different.  They believe that 
democracy means freedom to do what they want.  Just the opposite is true.  
Freedom comes with the price of respecting the law and the rights of others.  
It seems as if democracy is your god and that scripture only relates to 
reality as we see fit to interpret its relevance to human relations.  Am I 
being harsh or presumptive?  Man is not the center of the universe, it is God 
and nothing man can say or do will change that.  Is that what they teach at 
Columbia?  God is an absolute God and what He says is absolutely true, in all 
The humanist manifesto is a tired, worn out approach that leads to misery and 
discouragement.  Only by focusing on what the Book has to say can we liberate 
ourselves and experience the freedom that He wants us to share.  True joy and 
happiness come from serving others and from obedience to God and His Word.  
The church is not a democratic institution and God is not a president who can 
be vetoed if we don't like what He says.  sincerely, Tom Veneman