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#102: Gill responsds to Driver (fwd)

From: dr gill <markgill@clas.net>

a statement by a USAID employee in l997 does not reflect US policy.....how
often does one hear someone who works for an organization make statements
that do not reflect the purpose/policy/attitudes of the organization...

i know many "smart aleck" bureaucrats in many agencies, including USAID,
and they are insufferable in their phony idealism, phony superiority, and
all the rest....but, they do not reflect the organization in terms of

i would like more specific information that shows how US help for Haiti
benefits the US.....who?  what level of US investment exists in Haiti?  i
know it next to
nothing as countries wont invest, and we all know the reasons why....

i do agree that many of the international agencies accomplish little,
especially for the average Haitian.....in fact, they often accomplish NADA
for the average
person....i think that this in large part is that such agencies must deal
to govt, or govt to govt.....and we all know the corruption that exists in
as well as in many other countries....including the US.....

so, i do not see from what has been said that there is some collusion.....
i shall submit this notion to USAID friends for their response, if that is
with Mr. Driver.......

Mark Gill