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#119: "kind of development" A reply


<< The point is that when such an agency enters a country, the projects that
 are wanted by the government are usually "macro" in nature.....road
 construction or repair, water and sewer projects, etc......rarely do
 governments in poor countries opt for program development in rural areas
 as the focus of aid that is received.......no, the "macro" urban projects
 to get all the attention......
 Of course, there are smaller rural projects, but they are usually 

Many years ago in a small mountain village of Pilate in the north, USAID came 
in and spent $50,000 building a slaughter house along the river. For years it 
has been occupied, stainless steel hooks and all, by squatters.  You see it 
was a "make job" project and it "wasn't our job" they said to do something 
functional.  Without electricity, coolers or a generator it meant that people 
had to bring their live stock to the slaughter house, kill, cut, divide it up 
and take it back home.  What a waste!

Give me some examples of where they have done projects that did long range