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#129: CANA on CARICOM, Haiti, etc. (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

The Caribbean News Agency (CANA) is the premier provider of news and 
information from the English Caribbean 

CARICOM leaders optimistic

Port of Spain, Trinidad, CANA - Caribbean Community (CARICOM) heads of 
government are in a mood of high optimism after concluding their 20th 
and final summit of this century yesterday with major agreements on 
issues of critical importance to the regional economic integration 
movement. Topping the list of approved decisions are launching of 
CARICOM as a single market and establishment of a Caribbean Court of 
Justice in 2000. Accession of full membership of CARICOM by the Republic 
of Haiti which had acquired provisional membership at the 18th CARICOM 
Summit in 1997 in Jamaica -- is also another significant achievement of 
the summit. 

CARICOM can make progress - UN

Port of Spain, Trinidad, CANA - UN Secretary General Kofi Anna believes 
the Caribbean Community has important resources to help it achieve the 
progress it seeks. "The region has produced an impressive number of 
Nobel prize winners. The University of the West Indies is a renowned 
beacon of knowledge and understanding," Annan has said. He added that 
the region was a place of tolerance and peaceful coexistence among 
diverse peoples and traditions. 

CARICOM governments ending summit

Port of Spain, Trinidad, CANA - Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Heads of 
Government are wrapping up their 20th annual summit in Port of Spain 
today. They spent the past four days discussing a wide range of issues, 
including the proposed CARICOM Single Market and Economy and the 
Caribbean Court of Justice, which will replace the British Privy Council 
as the final court of appeal for some Caribbean states. The leaders are 
expected to issue a joint communique on the outcome of the summit, the 
last one for this century. 

Venezuelan prez calls for Caribbean integration

Scarborough, Tobago, CANA - Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez yesterday 
called for economic, social and political integration of Caribbean and 
Latin American countries to face up to the challenges of the 21st 
century. "We are taking up again the old idea that existed 200 years ago 
of a united bloc of Caribbean forces and of Latin American forces 
together to face up to the pluri-plural (multiple) world which is seen 
in the future," he told reporters following a meeting with Heads of 
Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). President Chavez also 
invited Caribbean heads of state to a meeting in Caracas on July 24, 
2000 to discuss the proposal. 

Haiti wants LDC status within CARICOM 

Port of Spain, Trinidad, CANA - Haiti wants a least developed country 
status within the Common Market of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) 
with a 10-year grace period in intra-regional trade arrangements as it 
moves to become a full-fledged member of the trade and economic 
grouping. The special case for Haiti's involvement as a full member of 
CARICOM has been outlined in a Technical Working Group's report. Haiti, 
with its estimated seven million people, was provisionally accepted as a 
member of CARICOM at the heads of government conference in Jamaica in 

CARICOM focus on politics/trade

Port of Spain, Trinidad, CANA - Preparation for a single market and 
economy next year and a focus on the political crisis in Suriname 
occupied the first working day of the Caribbean Community's 20th summit 
yesterday. The heads of government deliberated on key protocol 
provisions for the single market. Discussions on Suriname were brought 
forward partly to facilitate that country's President, Jules 
Wijdenbosch, who had to return home last night. 

Caribbean Publishers Association to be formed

Kingston, Jamaica, CANA- A steering committee is looking at ways of 
assisting regional publishers to get funding for their books. The 
grouping was established Friday and is to pave the way for a Caribbean 
Publishers Association. Ian Randle, Managing Director of Ian Randle 
Publishers Limited and chairman of the committee, said the panel 
comprised 13 Caribbean publishers other persons who had an interest in 

Spain to renew ties with Caribbean

Port of Spain, Trinidad, CANA - Spain's Prime Minister, Don Jose Maria 
Aznar, has expressed interest in renewing closer relations with the 
Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in the areas of culture, trade and 
investment. "We very much would like to improve upon our presence here. 
Today represents a marvellous opportunity...," said Aznar during the 
start of a working luncheon with CARICOM governments who opened their 
20th annual summit yesterday. He said Spain would like to increase trade 
ties with the Caribbean while it wants to pursue investment in areas 
such as telecommunications, energy and tourism.

Cuba defends nuclear energy project

Havana, Cuba, CANA - The son of Cuban President Fidel Castro has 
rebuffed foreign criticism of the country's aspirations to build and 
operate a nuclear power plant. Foreign critics, especially in the United 
States, have cited security and safety issues to attack the government's 
efforts to develop a nuclear power plant. "The alleged danger does not 
exist," writes Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart in a book entitled "Nuclear 
Energy. Environmental Threat or Solution for the 21st Century?".

Port of Spain, Trinidad, CANA - Leaders of the 14-nation Caribbean 
Community (CARICOM) trade and economic grouping have begun arriving in 
Trinidad for their 20th Annual Summit. The only expected absence from 
the summit of leaders is Guyana's President Janet Jagan who was 
hospitalised Wednesday after complaining of persistent chest pains. 
Among the matters to be discussed at this summit are the proposed 
Caribbean Court of Justice for which the leaders will sign documents 
giving their authorisation for its implementation by the end of the 

Cuba invests millions in environmental programmes

Havana, Cuba, CANA - Cuba will invest some US$340 million this year in 
environmental programmes -- in compliance with agreements adopted at the 
1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Among the objectives of the 
environmental programs is the elimination or reduction of contamination, 
reforestation and application of conservation measures to stop soil 
erosion. Cuba will also include environmental education ...