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#143: Democracy, Ti Legliz: Chamberlain asks (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

I was puzzled by the following passage in Max Blanchet's post:

> The PUCH's armed struggle did shake people
> out of their lethargy in demonstrating that certain 
> highly-placed Duvalierists were not immune from 
> retaliation.It is worth noting that at about the same time, 
> the PUCH entered into a tactical alliance with 
> certain elements of the Church in order to bring 
> about the defeat of their common enemy.

> The PUCH's interest in establishing a connection 
> and partnership with the rural world reflects the 
> emphasis the Christian Churches have placed 
> on reaching out to common people, especially the rural poor.

I'm unaware of such an alliance with any part of 
the Church, even though the PUCH was the only 
"serious" opposition to the Duvaliers until the mid-1970s.
What were the manifestations of this alliance, who and when?

BTW, René Théodore, the well-liked longtime leader of the now
defunct PUCH, has reportedly turned these days to making
cheese (actual cheese), which he sells to customers in and
around PauP !   His onetime deputy, Max Bourjolly, some years
ago also got tired of politics and returned to driving a taxi in Paris.

Greg Chamberlain