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#149: Most beautiful tourist attractions? Vedrine replies

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

"Hello my name is Bendzy and I would like some information on the most
beautiful places in Haiti that might become future tourist attractions."

There are many beautiful places in Haiti that can become tourists 
attractions but the government would have to invest a lot in this sector (an 
important one to make Haiti regain her former title, LA PERLE DES ANTILLES. 
First, many people heard about the beauty of northern Haiti. I Had a chance 
to visit Cape Haitian (Kap Ayisyen) in 1996 with a group of high school 
students. I went to JAKMEL (1980) and then we can mention southern Haiti 
(from OKAY to the Grandans area, JEREMI). I cite these BIG CITIES that 
already had access to ports & beaches) but, there is a lot to be done to 
develop them into touristic sites. To make it short: INFRASTRUCTURES are 
necessary (e.g: good roads, beautiful landscape, security for everyone, 
cleanliness, sanitation...). Investing in the tourists industry is crucial 
for the economy of Haiti (That doesn't mean we have to leave AGRICULTURE 
behind). And DECENTRALIZATION should play an important role in this issue. 
Everywhere in the world, tourists don`t want to stay in the capital cities; 
they want to go places, drive around, go to small cities where they can also 
get what they want.


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