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#162: Caribbean Leadership Council (fwd)

From: Laurent Pierre-Philippe <cmrc@erols.com>

>To all participants Leading Americans of Caribbean descent are coming
>together at the end of this month in Washington, DC to form the Caribbean
>Leadership Council (CLC).  The main Objectives of the CLC will be to
>the political clout and economic opportunities in the United States for the
>people in our community.
>We would like to invite you to become a charter member of the Caribbean
>Leadership Council.  Our first meeting schedule for Friday, July 30.1999 at
>the National Press Club from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. During this meeting we
>will discuss forming a Political Action Committee (PAC), organizational
>strategies, various levels and methods of involvement, sponsorship and the
>year 2000 congressional races.  We have already met with top leaders of
>political parties, they applauded our efforts, accepted participation and
>heard our concerns.
>Our Invited guests' speakers are Congressman Patrick Kennedy (DCC/Chm),
>Congressman James E. Clyburn (Black Caucus/Chm), Congressman Charlie
>Lt. Gov. of Maryland the honorable Kathleen Kennedy Townsend to name a few.
>I hope you will join me and other leading individuals from around the
>in this first step of a momentous new phase in the history of Caribbean
>people in the United States.
>On behalf of the coordinating committee I would like to thank you in
>for your continued support.  If you have any questions or need additional
>information, please feel free to call one of us:
>Joseph Baptiste at 301-585-6804 voice, 301-585-5395 fax or E-mail
>Alix Baptiste at 626-810-4469 voice.
>Daniel Lamaute at 301-654-2181 voice, 301-654-6675
>For the Committee.
>Dr. Joseph Baptiste.