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#175: Forum on Domestic Violence--For Haitian Community (fwd)


Saturday, August 7, 1999, 10 am-4 pm,
Roxbury Community College, Roxbury, MA 

Workshops on:  
Looking at Domestic Violence

The Role of the Community, Particularly Churches in the Prevention of 
Domestic Violence

Developing Cultural Sensitivity for Providers With Haitian Clients

What to Expect Once You Leave an Abusive Relationship

Health Issues and Domestic Violence

What is a 209A/Restraining Order?

Legal Issues, Domestic Violence, and Immigration

Child Care and a Special Workshop for Kids

will be provided.  Families welcome.

For more information, and to register please call The Association of Haitian 
Women in Boston (AFAB) at (617) 287-0096, or email us at AFAB_KAFANM@msn.com