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#167: Miami vs. New York? : Fuller asks


	Can anyone help explain why the Haitian community in Miami seems so 
much more strongly defined and prominent than that of New York.  I am often 
struck by the number of articles in the Miami Herald about developments in 
the community -- their radio programs, local politicians, problems of the 
elderly.  Nothing like this ever appears in the New York press.  Is the 
Herald more enlightened? The community in New York is larger and older; yet 
there are very few broadcast radio programs--two shows for a few hours on 
Sunday.  Is this because everyone buys Radio Soleil d'Haiti and the other 
pay-radio, I forget its name?  New York does publish two Haitian newspapers 
and Miami just one, but still...

	Is the Miami Haitian community larger in relation to its city than 
New York's?  Is it more concentrated in one area?   Is Miami simply more 
conscious of its immigrant communities while New York ignores them because so 
much else is going on?

Any thoughts will be appreciated.
Anne Fuller