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#187: Return of Diaspora Haitians to Haiti : Laleau comments


Dear Bruce,

It would surely be a benefit if some of the thousands of Haitians abroad were 
to return, with their arms full of the skills they have obtained abroad... 
unfortunately, there are problems with that.  When they do return, and I have 
seen this happen, Diasporans are not welcomed by the Haitians who never left. 
 In fact, they are often treated with a complex mix of envy/jealousy, 
resentment, and contempt... They often find there is no place for them in 
Haiti, once their (monetary) fleece has been plucked.  Rather than 
benefitting from the goose laying golden eggs, Haiti kills the goose just 
about every time!  Perhaps some of these Diaspora Haitians should tell their 
own stories...

Nancy Laleau