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#193: Kreyol Institute Course :Benson comments

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>

Just last Friday, a band of diligent students completed an intensive Kreyol
study at U. Mass Boston under the direction of Marc Prou,with fellow
institute experts Lunine Pierre-Joseph, Lyonel Prime, Lionel Hogue, and
Renote Jean-Francois. (Renote did not actually teach this summer, but is
significant contributor to the on-going development of materials and
methods.)  My experience with this study leads me to urge anyone who would
like to learn more Kreyol and more about the culture and history of Haiti
to sign up for the next round.  As a teacher myself, I greatly admire their
skill, their use of a diversity of materials and methods, carefully created
or selected, and above all their dedication and enthusiasm. The program is
offered each summer, I believe. Others on this list who have taken the
study in other years were equally enthusistic with their recommendations to
me. This Institute has an outstanding track record. Congratulations to them
for another excellent year!   LeGrace Benson