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#191: Miami vs. New York? : Albert comments

From: Sabine Albert <sabinea@yahoo.com>

New York, Brooklyn in particular hosts more than 2 radio programs on
free airwaves.  The legality of these stations might be questionable,
however they do exist. You can watch at least 3 hours of Haitian TV a
day in NYC. Many individuals rent an hour or two from different station
owners permitting New Yorkers to listen to at least one hour of Haitian
radio (on free waves) a day.  In Miami,one or two stations are leasing
out time to individuals in the Haitian community giving the appearance
of a "Haitian Radio Station".  There have been in Miami the success of
pirate stations who broadcast Haitian music all day and announcement
for parties and shows.  The drawback to these stations is that they
have to constantly be searched for on the dial because they have to be
mobile and 2 steps ahead of the FCC.  Pirate stations in New York have
not been very successfull.  Radio Guinen in the early 90's was one of
the most successfull attempts to take place in Brooklyn, the owners now
run Radio Guinen in Haiti.  

As for the press and its coverage of the Haitian community, New York is
much more diversed than Miami and Haitians are just one more minority
group in a pool of many.  For the New York press, minority groups only
stand out when one of its members has committed a horrendous crime or
is the victim of one.  

There has been an attempt to hire Haitian journalists with the local
papers.  We should ask them how they go about covering the community.

Leslie, Gary, Jean-Jean...anyone else we don't know about 

Sabine Albert
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