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#203: Edner Guignard & Michel Pressoir at Caribbean Plaza Saturday July 24,99 : No city mentioned in post

From: jean <jean@acd-pc.com>

For music lovers from Corbettland,  Caribbean Plaza, in its series
"Where are They Now" will present this coming Saturday July 24, Haitian
singer Michel Pressoir.  Michel used to sing with the legendary
Orchestre de Nemours Jean-Baptiste and the legendary Orchetre El Rancho
directed by Haitian pianist  Edner Guignard in the early sixties
(remember Ti Joceline, Vela, Promenade etc...).  In fact, Edner Guignard
himself will head the group which will back Michel up this Saturday. 
-Edner Guignard's career spans from the early forties to present.-
(Orchetre Citadelle, Orchestre Riviera, Orchestre Casernes Dessalines,
El Rancho, Riverside, Orchestre Casino etc... and the last 28 years in
the Bahamas and Canada)
Yours truly will have the privelege to be on the drums along with  these
bad cats. The show will start at 9:30 PM. For directions and reservation 
Call 914-371-2273.   See you.
Jean JeanPierre