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#209: UNESCO Project in Marbial Valley

From: Jennie Smith <jsmith@odin.berry.edu>

SUBJECT:  UNESCO Project in Marbial Valley


I am currently working with another professor on a research project 
that involves the 1940s-'50s UNESCO Project in the Marbial Valley.  I 
have read Metraux's report on the project, but need more background 
information.  Does anyone know where I might learn more about the 
project's objectives, components and outcomes, and/or how it might 
have shaped the formulation of future community development projects?

We are also interested more specifically in the 1952 visit to the 
project made by the Egyptian Minister of Social Affairs, Ahmed 
Hussein (he evidently went to Haiti looking for guidance in how to 
plan and implement effective rural development projects).  He 
was accompanied by Carl Taylor (of the USDA?).

Might anyone have some clues for us?  If so, we would greatly 
appreciate hearing from you!  Please email me at jsmith@berry.edu.


Jennie Smith
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Berry College
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