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#225: new tour book (fwd)


While sitting in a PetionVille sidewalk cafe with thor Burnham (known as
bon homme in hayti) and spending an embarrasing
amount of money for lunch and beers, we met two European
vacationeers. Two young men from Norway.

They had a tour guide book which covered Hayti extensively.
We were shocked, not believing such a thing existant.
The Norwegians were staying in centre ville at a cheap
guest house which was listed in the book.

European adventure tourists are much more prevalent
than north americans in Hayti.

Yesterday while in my local book store shopping for
new science fiction I wandered over to the travel section
looking to see if they had anything new on the Caribbean.
I was not consciously looking for this book, but there it was.

It is a Bradt publication, from Britain, titled:
Haiti & the
Dominican Republic
the island of hispaniola

The publication date is 1999.

This is a very good book, giving the locations of the tap tap stations in
most every town in the country, even the fact that you have to change in
l'estere to get from St Marc to Gonaive. It tells you where the post
office is hidden in Hinche and where to get off the bus to Ounaminthe to
walk down to Fort Libete.

He does fail to mention the Park Hotel on the Cham de Mar,
strangely, and says the Hotel Universal in okap is a brothel. I found the
Universal a very good cheap place to stay.

The Manior Alexandre in Jacmel is rightly praised, and its
special cocktail comes in for special praise, altho the
madam of the house who makes it for you should have
been mentioned.

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