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#240: Help! Researcher looking for accomodations in/around Cap Haitian for month of August (fwd)


Can anybody help me with information on accommodations in and around Cap 
Haitian for the month of August? I am looking for anything ranging from a 
furnished house to rent for the month, a guest house or a private home that 
could accommodate myself, my partner and a research assistant.

I am a Fulbright fellow/graduate student in cultural anthropology currently 
conducting research in Haiti on Evangelical Protestantism. I have made 
several trips to the north in preparation for a Protestant crusade on Bwa 
Kayman this August. However, the accommodations I had arranged for August 
have fallen through and I am now very much in need of a place to stay. Any 
information would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.

Nina Schnall