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#237: new tour book from Lonely Planet: Bell and Corbett comment

From: madison bell <mbell@goucher.edu>

I looked Daudi's guide up on Amazon and found another one too-- one of the
"Lonely Planet" series.

Must be more tourists there than we thought.  Don't seem to run into them
that much, though....


Madison sent this post in on Monday and yesterday I happened to receive
the Lonely Planet guide book in the mail.  I am quite impressed by it.
The book is about 5 x7 and rather heavy.  It is at least 2/3 on the
Dominican Republic, butthe Haiti section is the best I've seen in any
of the guides I have in my library and I must have more than 20.

It begins with a very long esssay on Haiti dealing with history, 
current political situation, culture, Voodoo, music and all sorts of
useful information.

The first "guide" material is on Port-au-Prince with a separate section
for Petionville.  There are guides to less expensive places to stay and
eat, most of which I didn't know, so I thought that would be useful
to any traveling to Haiti on a crimped budget.

Only two "out" cities are treated, Jamel and Cap Haitien, but they
are done quite well, with a long section on OKap that includes the
Citadel and Sans Souci.

All in all I think many of you might want this guide to enrich your own
trip to Haiti, even if you're a native!

Bob Corbett