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#255: Global Exchange trip (fwd)

From: Luis  <luis@globalexchange.org>

Moira Feeney
Trip Leader

Reality Tours, a division of Global Exchange, is organizing a study
seminar entitled "Haiti: A Culture of Resistance" from October
4 - 13, 1999.  Our trip will focus on politics and history, with the
objective to engage people in activism for change in US foreign
policy towards Haiti, as well ad building a network of supporters of the
Haitian struggle for social and economic justice.  Our itinerary includes
meetings with peasant activists groups, human rights organizations,
community development projects, and experts from academia.

The cost of the trip is $1400 which includes airfare from Miami,
lodging, 2 meals a day, in-country transportation, and all program

For more information please contact Luis Esparza or Moira Feeney at
Global Exchange (ext. 226).

Global Exchange
2017 Mission St., Suite 303
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415.255.7296 Fax: 415.255.7498