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#176: Boukman Eksperyans at WOMAD USA (fwd)

From: Jim G. Frisken <bk087@scn.org>

Just finished working at the 2nd annual WOMAD (world of music, arts and 
dance) Festival at Marymoor Park east of Seattle and hanging out with 
some of the world's greatest musicians, including Lolo Beaubrun and the 
members of Boukman Eksperyans.  For those music lovers unfamiliar with 
WOMAD, I strongly recommend attending one of these festivals.  WOMAD is 
more about cultural exchange than about high priced stars entertaining 
the masses.  The groups appear at several very different venues, from the 
beautiful mainstage in front of thousands, to intimate gettogethers where 
musicians like Lolo can describe the hazzards of doing political songs in 
Haiti over the years.  My venue was the drum enclosure where master 
drummers including those from Boukman demonstrated their rhythms to the 
rhythmically challenged (and we're all challenged by Haitian drumming, 
even those of us who have studied it !)  WOMAD USA will be in Seattle the 
nest 3 years in late July, then probably move on to other sites.  Some of 
this years performers included Oliver Mtukutzi and Thomas Mapfumo from 
Zimbabwe, Cubanismo from Cuba, Taj Majal, Joan Baez and Beau Jocque from 
the USA, Inti Illimani from Chile and many others from around the world.  
The musicians are very accesible at WOMAD and you see them continuously.  
Most, like Lolo, are very friendly so feel free to talk to them.
    I recommend Boukman Eksperyans new CD, Live at Red Rocks on Tuff Gong 
#54336, their 5th cd.  The group is continuing on tour so check your 
papers.  A new web site will be up soon at www.boukman.com.  The group 
will return to Haiti for the winter in October.  Bob, I gave Lolo your 
web address.  He may contact you when they get to St. Louis.      Jim