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#174: A Protestant Crusade Against Bwa Kayiman in August? ( (fwd)

From: Rejin <rejin@popd.ix.netcom.com>

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com> wrote:

> [...}  And according to the constitution, 
> Haitians are free to practice their chosen religion. So, if "vozouyizan" or 
> christians want to do their ceremony there, they want can do it peacefully 
> and with respect for one another to stop this fight.
> E.W.Vedrine

Sorry, Vedrine, but it's not about Christian religious freedom. 
Those Christians who preach Holy War against the people's religion 
cannot in the same breath speak of religious freedom, nor should they 
be condoned in doing so.  Religious freedom or basic human decency, 
you will agree, would be for the evangelical sects to mind their own 
business and stay the hell out of Vodou holy sites like Souvnans, Bwa 
Kayiman or Sodo. How does one go to someone else's house or country 
and pull this kind of nonsense?  Who's financing this crazy crusade, 
or rather, who stands to gain by unleashing one group of Haitians 
against another?  

People opposed to religious intolerance should speak up now, instead
of concocting excuses.  This is especially true for church people out
there.  Otherwise they will not have a moral leg to stand on, and will
only have themselves to blame when their brethren's provocation turns
ugly or gets smashed.

Daniel Simidor