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# 180: A Protestant Crusade Against Bwa Kayiman in August? Khelladi comments

From: Yacine Khelladi <yacine@aacr.net>

As an example of what happen in DR, i was las month in northern
dominican rep, samana region, visiting communities, in every one i saked
for the very known (in etho research elite) traditional musics as
bamboula (that comes from louisianna migrants of 19th century) and
palos, salves etc, that used to be played everywhere around.  They
simply disapeared with a combined effect of local cultural
desvalorization (by white culture massively imported by tourism and TV)
and .... conversion (this old people tell you "no no  now we are
christian") to protestant religions evangelism, pentacostalism,
adeventism, that are in fact very very well organized and financed
(guess by who?), agressive, and intolerant to traditional expressions.

(As Samba Zao next CD says "m'pa manje l agen shango")