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#209: recognition in Guide Book (fwd)


I know it is not wise to "blow your own horn". I will take the liberty to do 
it for  three members in Corbetland, Emmanuel Vedrine, Father Jean Yves UrfiE 
and Bob himself who are recognized for their contributions to that Haitian 
guide book  published in l999. I believe it's by Little Planet. There may be 
others whom I am not familiar with in Corbetland. This is why I only mention 
the names I recognize.
I don't have the book.  A friend of mine does. It is very comprehensive and 
among the best I have seen. It did advise visitors not to go to Cite Soleil. 
Today the  Globe reported a U.S citizen was killed in the area. It did not 
reveal the victim's identity because next of kin was not yet notified. It did 
not mention either whether it is was a Haitian-American or an anglo-American.