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#217: This Week in Haiti 17:20 8/4/99 : comments of Sinai

From: Joshua Sinai <jsinai@erols.com>

Dear Mr. Corbett,

[Corbett comments at outset.  Now and again I do need to remind
the list -- I do not write 99% of the items I post.  People send
in the notes to me and I pass them on to the list.  THis is the
case with the post that Joshua Sinai comments on.  That is not
MY report, but what Haiti Progres sent to me for posting.  Just
to set the record straight.]

Are you implying in your article that the two United Nations missions,
MICIVIH and the police trainers (together with the 500-troop U.S. Support
Group contingent), must be withdrawn immediately from Haiti?  Would such a
move, in your opinion, by "restoring" Haitian sovereignty, improve the
security situation in the country?  What would be its impact on the
international developmental assistance community, currently helping to
build up the country's socio-economic infrastructure?

Are you also implying that MICIVIH, the U.N. police trainers, and the U.S.
Support Group, are not motivated by altruistic objectives to improve the
situation in Haiti?


Joshua Sinai