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#222: Several comments on Diaspora post

From: TrnslatrNC@aol.com

Re "Diaspora" report by Leonie,

I would like to know what organization or what sponsors were in charge of the 
conference at Moulins sur Mer.  The REKA E mail list has been discussing this 
nonuse of Kreyol in public documents or meetings in Haiti for some time, and 
is trying to actively pursue the increased use of kreyol in such situations. 
An example is the electoral report of the CEP.  It seems to be common to use 
French or French-English, or French-Spanish as the primary languages of some 
such conferences, and then sometimes to provide kreyol summaries later if 
they are demanded. This is no way to run a democracy!! The diaspora, in 
particular, should be heard from on this issue.  Right on,  Leonie!!!

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Ala remò,

Unfortunately, we must admit Frantz Fanon's observations on "Le noir et le 
langage" off his excellent book "Peau Noire, Masques Blancs" (1952) hold 
true in 1999 Ayiti.

Furthermore, the last decade had given ample indication that our so-called 
"sektè pwogresis" is way behind in terms of awakening as far as the language 
issue is concerned.

Chay la lou!

See REKA's letters to President Préval and Léon Manus on 
http://www.windowsonhaiti.com/reka (Achiv REKA)

"Chenn nan tèt pi di pase chenn nan pye!"
Check out/Voye youn lèy sou: Koze Nèf Tankou Ze Fre

From: NLaleau@aol.com

To Leonty Hermantin

Dear Leonty,

(Please excuse me if I misspelled your name --)  Did even the Haitian women 
from grassroots organization in Haiti participate in the French-spoken 
debates, or did they too sit on the sidelines?  "Go figure," you say... 

Nancy Laleau