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#220: This Week in Haiti 17:20 8/4/99 : comments of Dorc


In a message dated 8/8/99 10:19:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Joshua Sinai 

<< Are you also implying that MICIVIH, the U.N. police trainers, and the U.S.
 Support Group, are not motivated by altruistic objectives to improve the
 situation in Haiti?
Since Bob gave his disclaimer at the beginning of the post and doesn't wish 
to comment......I will.  Yes Haiti Progres is implying that the US in 
particular is not motivated by altruistic objectives........and if the 
American people don't believe that......I got some Sandinistas in my closet 
who say different!  (ok they aren't in my closet)  Big business and money is 
usually the motivation behind any foreign policy that is approved by the 
congress.  I think certain individuals are definately motivated by altruistic 
principles.....but they have a long row to hoe to get anything passed.  

Kathy Dorcé