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#245: Bois Caiman and Religious Tolerance. Albert comments

From: Sabine Albert <sabinea@yahoo.com>

Under the guise of religious freedoms, one group is allowed to
desecrate religious sites and denigrate the religion of another.

Why have the Jews of the world not gathered together and exorcise Mecca
of Islamic beliefs and rituals?

Why do Catholics not go say mass in front of synagogues and taunt Jews
to renounce their ways and accept Christ as their personal savior?

Why won't all good all Good Christians of the world meet in front of
their local Buddhist temple and convince the faithful to stop idolatry?

What ever the answer might be, it is also why it is unacceptable for
any non-Vodou group to gather at Bois Caiman or Souvenance, specially
on August 15.

If Vodou was truly perceived as a religion by the Haitian government,
it would be given proper reverence by all.  This is an other issue
where the Haitian government has to demonstrate its capacity to govern
by setting the bounderies that would allow one group to practice its
religion while protecting the religious rights of another.


Sabine Albert
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