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#260: Position in Haiti (fwd)

From: Declama <Declama@email.msn.com>

    I received this email from someone who is not a member of this list.
This hopefully will be of interest to someone.

AHAD/Creole connection

The International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) is bidding for a
$15 million, 5-year USAID contract to design an implement a rule of law
program in Haiti starting next month. In order to win the contract, IFES
needs two or three strong candidates for the "chief of party" position ASAP.

Here are the preferred qualifications:

"The Chief of Party should ideally be a US citizen who is a lawyer with
successful overseas experience in rule of law, justice reform or democracy
projects, who has had successful prior experience managing a project of this
size and scope. The person must be fluent in French."

The salary will be comparable to those for similar positions in Haiti (which
are generous, owing to the presence of the UN mission). IFES offers
excellent benefits, and is willing to consider special arrangements to
accommodate families and ensure security. IFES would like a two-year
commitment, but is prepared to consider a commitment of as short as six

Please do not write back to the list.  contact the people below.
Thanks,  Bob Corbett

If you are interested, please contact:
Sandra Coliver
Rule of Law Project International Foundation for Election Systems
1101 15th St.,NW
3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20005
tel: (1-202) 872-4837
fax: 452-0804. The
website is www.ifes.org

performance, especially at the justice of the peace level. The Chief of
Party will have considerable autonomy, and will receive strong
administrative support from IFES, which has had an office in Haiti for
several years.