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#262: art exhibition of Rejin Leys in Port-au-Prince

From: Rejin <rejin@popd.ix.netcom.com>

Rejin Leys, of this list, is having a solo exhibition of her works in 
Port au Prince during the upcoming Diaspora Week events. This 
exhibition is sponsored by the Ministere des Haitiens Vivant a 
l'Etranger, the Route de l'Esclavage Project and the Atelier Jean 
Rene Jerome. The exhibition opening is on Thursday August 19 at the 
Atelier Jerome (7 rue Capois, near Champs de Mars, 221-7045).

The works featured in this show include artist's books as well as 
works on paper, dealing with the themes of labor, migration and 
slavery. The series was initiated during the coup period and the 
refugee interdiction policy that followed, and links the Middle 
Passage, the "boat people" phenomenon, and the international 
migration of labor.