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#270: history of Haitian immigration to US (fwd)

From: Curtis Rindlaub <mainecst@gwi.net>
To: bcorbett@crl.com
Subject: history of Haitian immigration to US

Dear Professor Corbett:

I am currently working on background research for a novel that involves
the contemporary smuggling of Haitian immigrants through the Bahamas en
route to the United States. Can you possibly steer me to any sources or
statistics on the extent and methods of this sad situation?

I have also heard wild rumors of envoys of US special forces, marines,
or navy personel (I'm not sure which) working "in conjunction with the
Haitians" in the war on drugs. Ostensibly a program to help the Haitians
patrol their coasts, the US personel were essentially taking over and
using Haitian ships to actually sink drug-bearing ships on the
spot--some as big as freighters--so that they wouldn't be within the
jurisdiction of Amercian law. Again, I'd love to know if you have come
across anything on this subject.

Thank you so much for any help, and thank you again for your wonderful

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----Curtis Rindlaub