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#267: U.S./Aristide and Haiti: a respondse to Foxwell


Foxwell writes:
<<  American business brought about  continuing improvement in Haiti. This 
 was ended when the  
  administration of William Jefferson Clinton destroyed the Haitian 
 economy with a criminal 
  embargo, violated national law by invading Haiti militarily and placed a 
 discredited puppet 
 regime in power. Haiti has been in the toilet ever since.    >>
and more ad nauseum..........

I hardly know what to say to this vitriolic and not too objective response to 
my, admittedly, not too objective post.  I guess we know where you stand Mr. 
Foxwell.  I couldn't disagree with you more.  Haiti has been in the toilet 
for more years than it has been out.  Just because Duvalier had a 
stranglehold on Haiti and crime was practically nil, doesn't mean that things 
were so good then as opposed to now.  Whenever totalitarianism is replaced 
with a democratic government it is a fabric-rending, messy and long suffering 
experience for all concerned.  I share Aristide's focus on making Haiti 
better for ALL Haitians not just those on the hill.   I do NOT believe that 
Clinton placed an embargo on Haiti for evil reasons, but because his hands 
were tied by the Republican controlled congress from doing anything else.  
Those thugs should have been taken care of within hours of the coup.  The 
only reason congress reluctantly allowed the intervention was because of the 
public outcry over Haitians coming to the U.S. in boats.  You obviously have 
a different perspective than I do.  I know many many majority class Haitians 
and by choice not very many elites.  Because those with the power and the 
money promise to destroy Haiti rather than allow Aristide to change the 
balance of power, doesn't mean they should be accomodated.  Sometimes right 
is the more difficult path.