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#286: U.S./Aristide and Haiti: a response to Lakat (fwd)

From: Louis Foxwell <l.foxwell@worldnet.att.net>

Your remarkable willingness to blame Republicans for the ills of Haiti ignores the fact that the 
Democrats were in control at the time of the embargo and the invasion. Demonizing the 
political right, while rhetorically interesting, is simply not helpful.
I have not read or heard anything from Aristide about wanting to help all Haitians. His words 
belie that message. 
Certainly the way back from tyranny is difficult. It is made all the more difficult when 
frustration with the slow pace of development creates intolerance. 
The fact remains that the  Clinton administration was quick to destroy but has shown no 
interest in building up that which it destroyed. 

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