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#302: Reminder: two new mailing lists beginning for two fall semester courses

Just a reminder for any who forgot or missed the announcement earlier
this summer.

I will be teaching an entire semester long beginners course in
Haitian history.  You can see what that's all about, and the 
initial week's work at:


This first week's work includes Corbett's new "Brief and Oversimplified
History of Haiti"!

The course which can be taken for academic credit, or for which you
can be a non-credit visitor, is a separate list.  Just let me know
if you'd like to be on it.  There is no charge for visitors.  Credit
seeking students must pay Webster University tuition.


I'm also doing a philosophy course (my formal field of expertise)
and doing a new course I've very excited about:

Our Relationship With Animals.

This is not an on-line course, but one I'm teaching in the classroom.
However, I'm going to share with on-line visitors much of what we're
doing in the classroom seminar.  

This, too, is a new and separate list and is free to all.

To see what we'll be up to please see:


You would have to let me know to put hyou on the "animal" list.

All visitors are MOST welcome, and in either course you may
participate all you wish.

Best,  Bob Corbett