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#305: Please make my job easier: write your own subject line

>From Bob Corbett to all list members

Having moved the mailing list to Webster University majordomo server
has cut my work load tremendously.  Now I am asking your help to
cut it even more.  School starts again on Monday and I'll be much
busier than I have been this summer, so I could use the help.

Two items:

1.  When you send a note to me for the list, please write your own
subject line.  This would include:
	--brief subject statement
	--who you are
	--who you are responding to if it is a response.


subject:  Mole St. Nicholas:  John Smith replies to Mary Jones on shellfish.

2.  Please, do not write your note for the list over the top of some
other note.  Please delete the old note before sending in to the list.

These two items would cut my work load by 25% or more.

Thanks,  Bob Corbett